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  • President is the executive head of the state
  • Value of vote of MP's
  • Proportional Representation Method

The position of President is the uppermost position one holds. President is regarded as the executive head of the state. But in real President is just a nominal head of the state. President in reality holds no such major power within its position. President is the head of a state but has to work on the advice of the Prime minister and the cabinet. All major decisions are taken by them and the president has to give its assent for the same. President is regarded as the head of Defence forces. Pardoning powers are given to the President. Also, the President enjoys some independent power. With such power also, the President is given immunity. President cannot be disqualified or be terminated from his office at anybody's will. There has to be an impeachment process. Where the impeachment seems to be difficult, even the election to the office of president is a puzzling task. The President of our country is chosen indirectly through the process of electoral college representation.

The President of our state is elected through the process of proportional representation, in which a single transferable vote system is used on utilizing secret ballot papers.

Proportional representation means there will be a proportion of the number of seats according to the proportion of votes. Each voter in this system gets representation. In usual election If you vote for your favorite candidate and the same doesn't win then your vote gets wasted. But in this system, using a single transferable vote if your candidate doesn't win, even then your vote will be transferred and the voter gets the due representation.

For the election of President, member of both the houses of Parliament, state legislative assemblies, state legislative councils, which all comprise of the electoral college are given the right to vote for the office of President of India.


Now even counting the value of the vote of a single member of the legislative assembly or member of Parliament is not a simplified process. The vote of an MLA is counted by dividing the total number of population of the state by the total number of MLAs in the state. And the remainder will further be divided by 1000. Now the final remainder we have will be the value of the vote of one MLA from the state. From there will we find the total value of votes of all the MLA in our country.

Now to find out the value of the vote of MP we again have to do some calculations. In order to find out the value of the vote of MP, we will divide the total value of all MLA of our country by the total number of MP which includes Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha. Now the remainder will be multiplied by the total number of MPs to find out the total value of all the MP. Thus after gaining the value of the vote of all the MLA and MP we will have the total number of votes to be cast for the election of President.


Then when the votes are cast, each voter cast its preference for each of the candidates according to its will. This is done on the secret ballot paper. And now when the votes are counted there has to be a candidate with having 50% + 1 vote in favor of itself. And if one doesn't possess the same number of votes, then votes of the candidate with the least number are transferred to the rest according to the preferences given. The process is repeated till the time we have a candidate with 50% + 1 vote. And the same is further elected as the President of our country. 

The office of president should be a neutral one, that is why direct elections are not held for the same. President is the most prestigious office, thus there has to be an indirect and respectable manner for choosing our head.



This article does not intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual, community, sect, or religion, etcetera. This article is based purely on the author’s personal opinion and views in the exercise of the Fundamental Rights guaranteed under Article 19(1)(A) and other related laws being enforced in India for the time being.

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