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It’s a win-win: Food style for weight watching and maintaining health during COVID

  1. One major advice anyone receives as far as health is concerned is to keep up with fruits and vegetables. In taking a good amount of fruits and vegetables is important and good. But to grasp the maximum nutrition from this food, know how to eat them. You can hear many fitness freaks say this out, “Eat your fruits and drink your vegetables”. Yes, that’s right! Although in these tough times, getting and eating them fresh is not possible every day. One can to the maximum try fresh eating them or freeze them and have them where it mostly helps in retaining the nutrients to an extent.

  2. Our whole food diet cannot be filled with just fruits and vegetables, which is the truth. Snacking is an important part of our day to day life, which relieves a lot of our stress, to be honest. Snacking unwanted sweets and salty fried snacks will treat your taste buds, but it will make you crave more to eat them and you eat a lot of that unhealthy snack in a day even. For a change, try dried fruits, nuts, cheese, yogurts, eggs, and other healthy options such as millets and cereals. They give a good fill to your stomach for a long time and also build your immune.

  3. Craving is normal. Find a substitute, a healthy one for your taste buds. Drink a lot of water that’ll help you to control your carvings because it mostly is ‘mental cravings’ and your stomach asks you very rarely.



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