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Kamala Harris: The first female Vice President of USA


Kamala Harris is currently the new Vice President of America. Kamala's father is Jamaican while the mother is Indian. In childhood, Harris felt that the fight for apartheid and racial discrimination was very long and difficult. During the election campaign, she mentioned her parents and the rights she had to fight several times. She said as a black woman at an election rally - sometimes she feels lonely. But, now she has got many partners. Her popularity among blacks is considerable. She says America is a symbol of diversity but she is of Asian descent and belongs to India. And now she will be the first female Vice President of America. He will be accompanied by 77-year-old Joe Biden as the President.

In the victory speech on Saturday, Kamla said - I will become the first female vice president of America, but we also have to decide that this is not the last time. Every little girl who is watching today must have the feeling that America is a country of possibilities and hopes. Kamala was District Attorney in San Francisco. She is the first black woman to become the Attorney General of California. She was the second black woman to receive the honor when she became MP in 2016. Shee gave speeches on apartheid and racism several times in the Senate. 

Harris spent many years in Montreal (Canada). She worked on Domestic and Child Violence. In 2009 her mother died of breast cancer. Her husband was a Jew. Her children call her Momala. Her nomination from the Democratic Party was not easy, but Kamala's stature was very large. It is a big matter that she was a staunch opponent of Biden and he nominated Kamala as Vice President Candidate. It was an honor for his stature and knowledge.

In July 2019, Harris said in an interview with the New York Times - Policies should be made keeping people in mind. This is my theory. Some of her issues remained separate from Biden. Both were on the same stage and at the same party. But, Biden recognizes her talent. Therefore, he chose Kamala as his associate. She made emotional speeches to connect people to the party. Especially among blacks. Trump could not even name him properly. Trump carried out several verbal attacks on Kamala. But, she behaved decently. He may have been called anything in politics but his friends know how capable Harris is.

Democrat Senator Cory Booker says that the work and the spirit of work is in them, it is less in people. She has been winning people's hearts through work. California MP Barbara Lee says she has reached the door of the White House. Sometimes it is difficult to believe it. She is expected to become number one in the White House. You have to wait for the next election. Pramila Jaipal, an MP of Indian origin, believes the same.


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