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  • The bravery of Indian army
  • Sacrificing life for our country
  • Protection of the people of the country

The Indian Army

The guards of every country of the world have their own army. Which protects that country from the attacks of opposing countries. In the same way, the protector of his India is her Indian Army.

Which is the security shield of our country. Because of which our country is always protected from the attacks of enemy countries. Therefore, the Indian Army is the pride of our country of India.

Every soldier of the Indian Army puts on his own life to protect his country and the people of the country. That soldier does not even think once about his own future to serve the country.

We live very peacefully in our lives. Spend time with our family. People walk around without any fear in society. We live comfortably because there is no danger.

But all these things which we have got in our life, we have got all because of our army. Who protects us all from the enemy by becoming security shields on the borders of our country.

For which the Indian Army works day and night to protect their country, regardless of their life. Which protects us all. So we all should be proud and proud of our Indian Army.

Everyone has a goal in this world. In it, if someone wants to fulfill their dreams, then someone wants to achieve something and just like that anyone can have any goal.

Similarly, the Indian Army has the same goal like that of India. That goal is nothing but protecting our country from enemies at all costs.

For which he does not even think about his life. They compromise their lives. They do all this so as to maintain the security and unity of their country.

When British rule was going on in this country, then our country was living completely in slavery. Therefore poverty was increasing in the whole country.

At that time the army of India was also under British rule. Therefore, there was no army of its own. But after the independence of India, the same British Indian Army became completely the national army of their country.

The Indian Army was then divided into various commands. Out of which 6 commands were operating commands and 1 command was training command. All these command divisions, command officers, command brigades and regiments.

The soldiers of our country have won many wars. Which has protected our country from many troubles. There also have been many campaigns, which threatened our country. Such as a surgical strike.

Indian Army soldiers have also sacrificed their lives for the safety of their country. Which proves their love for their country.

Every soldier of the army has love, respect and pride for his India. The patriotism of the Indian Army is clearly visible in this love and respect.


This Article Does Not Intend To Hurt The Sentiments Of Any Individual Community, Sect, Or Religion Etcetera. This Article Is Based Purely On The Authors Personal Views And Opinions In The Exercise Of The Fundamental Right Guaranteed Under Article 19(1)(A) And Other Related Laws Being Force In India, For The Time Being.  

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