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  • Healthy food for busy schedule
  • Healthy food for busy schedule
  • Healthy food for busy schedule

Healthy food for a busy schedule

While you dutifully fit in those morning sweat sessions, after a day's worth of meetings, errands, and a final stop to watch your kid's soccer game, the massive effort it takes to fix up a guilt-free dinner doesn't always seem worth it.

That's why when you're trying to shed those last few pounds, what you keep in stock to grab on the go or to whip up a meal can be the deciding factor of whether you'll finally reach the peak. And because we know rushing off to the grocery store every night is wildly unrealistic, we've found some of the healthiest items you can keep stashed in your pantry, fridge, and freezer that will keep your body goals on track—without wasting your precious time.

These diet-friendly picks have three components that make them amazing: 1.) long shelf lives so they can be tucked away for a busy day, 2.) they help you cut down on prep time to get food in your belly fast, and 3.) they offer the longest staying power so you can keep your mind focused on your work, not your hunger pangs. Maintain an inventory of these items and you'll have no problem crafting healthy, slimming snacks and dishes that get you closer to your body goals. And then for even more shortcuts on busy nights, check out these 20 Healthy, Five-Ingredient Dinners. Do you feel tired and anxious most of the day? Does your busy day begin with restlessness and end with tiredness? With a busy life and busy schedule, food becomes a low priority. This leads to many health problems. The major cause of fatigue, anxiousness, and irritability is a poor diet. 

With a hectic schedule, you may find it hard to sit down and have a proper meal. Due to lack of time, you may just rush through meals or choose processed food. Unfortunately, these poor eating habits may increase your stress level and weaken your immunity. 

Most of the busy working professionals neglect their diet. Many times their busy day starts without a breakfast that is followed by an unhealthy lunch, and the day ends with low energy. If you don’t include some carbs, fruits, and leafy vegetables in your diet, there is no way you can get the needed energy.  

A poor diet not only makes you feel tired early, but it also becomes the reason for many diseases. With progressing age, you start losing your enthusiasm towards work, and your productivity also reduces. If any of this relates to your busy life, then it’s high time to take action. 

If you want to make a change and boost your productivity, then here is the first thing you need to consider. Developing healthy eating habits can be the game-changer for you. 

Here are 12 smart, healthy eating tips for busy professionals:

Breakfast Rules

Your early morning rush to work may make you think to skip breakfast. But breakfast is an essential meal that helps your body to get ready for a long day. Skipping breakfast is related to many health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and emotional imbalance. It is easy to skip breakfast when you are busy, but your overall health will suffer due to this. 

Your body requires food to function correctly, and to start the day right, breakfast is important. A healthy breakfast should include carbohydrates like cereals, high fiber whole grain bread, fruits, veggies, ground flax seeds, chia, and protein-rich foods like seeds, nuts, milk, and yogurt. Including these in your breakfast will keep you energized throughout the day. So, do not skip breakfast and start your day with energetic and healthy food. 

Have Meals at the Same Time Every day

An inconsistent eating pattern can disrupt your body’s metabolism and can also lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, and diabetes. 

When it comes to a busy work schedule, we set daily routines. With a planned schedule, we feel things are better under control and feel ready for any unexpected challenges. 

Your eating pattern should follow the same rule. Having meals at the same time every day and having set a routine can help you in several ways. You feel prepared to have meals at the same time and allow you to make healthy choices. Plan your meals well before so that you don’t need to rush through your meals or make unhealthy choices. 

Your body’s metabolic processes like appetite, digestion, and processing the nutrition, follow a pattern. By eating at random times, you disrupt this pattern. This leads to weight gain or other health risks. Eating at the same time every day will help you maintain weight and overall health. 

Portion Control Your Snacks

Hunger is the way your body responds to not eating for two to three hours. These hunger episodes become tempting, leading to unhealthy food choices and overeating. Snacking should only help you to get over this hunger and continue working until your next meal. Avoid junk food or snacks that will add more sugar to your system. 

Your snacks should contain some pre-portioned nuts, seeds, fruits, or some low-fat yogurt. Portion control is needed when it comes to snacks to avoid overeating. These snacks will regulate your blood sugar level and keep you energized throughout the day. 

 Having a snack break is a great way to balance your hunger and let your brain relax for a few minutes. Have some healthy snacks when you are busy with work. But, do not replace your meals with snacks. 

Unplug While Eating

Multitasking or not paying attention to the food while eating can be disastrous for your health. You end up eating more if you are distracted with technology at the dinner table. Put down your phone and turn off the TV, and pay attention to what you eat. 

Mindful eating is the best practice, which can improve your health. Move out from work during your lunchtime. The pleasurable eating experience will make you feel refreshed, and you can be back to work with more enthusiasm. 

A mindful approach improves your psychological relationship with food. It aids in better digestion, reduces overeating,  and also helps to reduce stress. When you become aware of eating, you tend to chew food properly that helps in better digestion and absorption of nutrients. Being aware of eating makes you differentiate between actual hunger and cravings. It makes you eat when needed, which helps in weight loss. 

Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day 

It is easy to forget drinking water when you have a busy schedule. Many people drink coffee throughout the day to keep up the energy. But coffee adds on to this state of dehydration, which can be detrimental to your health as well as your energy levels. Dehydration can reduce your cognitive functions, and your brain may not function properly. 

Drinking enough water every day makes your body free from any toxins. It is advised to drink at least eight glasses of water in a day to maintain optimal energy, keep your hunger down, and to maintain better digestion. Drinking water regularly keeps diseases and infections away. 

It is essential to understand drinking water in between meals is not good. Ideally, you should drink room temperature water 20 minutes before and 60 minutes after having food. This facilitates smooth digestion. Always carry a water bottle to your workplace, and don’t forget to drink water at regular intervals.

Plan and Organize Your Day 

Plan your day and set a fixed time for your lunch. If you don’t plan things well, most of the time, you will end up grabbing some fast food for lunch. You should get rid of having sugary snacks when hungry. Such foods have poor nutritional value, and they tend to make you sluggish. 

Even with your busy life, always plan and dedicate time to your lunch. When you are mindful of when to eat, it helps you to be conscious of what you eat. 

Replace your cravings for snacks with fruits and salads. Carry some fruits or salad bowl to work that can save some calories. Some conscious efforts to eat healthily will bring great benefits to your health. 


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