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  • Think like a Monk: Book review
  • Think like a Monk: Book review
  • Think like a Monk: Book review

Think like a Monk: Book Review

The latest English-based book 'Think Like a Monk' by storyteller, podcaster and former monk Jai Shetty has become the top bestseller. Its Hindi title is 'Think Like a Sanyasi'. It was recently published by Harper Collins India. Jai Shetty's dream is to share eternal knowledge among people in an all-encompassing, relevant and practical manner.

Seeing the book's great success, Manjul Publishing House has also published it in Hindi and Marathi languages, while its Gujarati, Telugu and Malayalam editions are also coming soon. Jai Shetty has made over 400 viral videos and is the host of the world's top Health& Wellness Podcast on Purpose. He has over 38.5 million followers on social media and 8 billion views of his 'Making Wisdom Go Viral' videos.

In this inspiring and competent book, Shetty teaches us how to remove the obstacles that come in the way of our ability and power by taking advantage of the knowledge acquired as saints in the Vedic tradition. This book, which blends the rich experiences of ancient intelligence and ashrams, highlights how we can overcome negative thoughts and habits and reach the peace and purpose that is present within all of us.

This book will tech you on how to find your purpose in life and work towards that goal. It will teach you how to overcome negativity through retrospective thinking and positivity. This book will also help you to stop the habit of over-thinking. It takes about putting an end to comparison as comparison ends love. It also talks about using your fear for your betterment where it says that fear should be used as a motivational to overcome and work towards that problem that you are going through. It talks about situations as to why can't you find happiness when you seek happiness or when situations are not in our favor then how to deal with them. It also talks about how to learn from everyone you meet. About how to take positive sides and qualities from everyone. It majorly talks about why your existence is different from your thoughts and why kindness is essential for success and achievements and many more.

As a storyteller, podcaster and former monk Shetty's dream is to spread knowledge throughout the world. In 2017, he was nominated for Forbes 30 Under 30 to revolutionize the media world. Their goal is to bring the immortal knowledge of the world to the masses in an all-encompassing, relevant and practical way. 


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