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  • Addiction to social media
  • Impact on teenagers
  • privacy concerns

This documentary focuses on everything grim and gloomy about social media and, it turns out that we all are pretty doomed. It is not a surprise to someone who uses social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and various other platforms realize that they are highly addictive and persuading. Directed by Jeff Orlowski, the documentary portrays how the perniciousness of these social network platforms are a feature and not a bug. They argue that these industries are coded with Machiavellian accuracy for the exploitation of human behavior for profit: Endless scrolling and push notifications and alerts keep users continually engaged; tailored reviews use knowledge not just to anticipate but also to manipulate our behavior, making consumers into simple targets for marketers and propagandists. While many other documentaries have been made addressing the same issue, the Social Dilemma takes it a level up by featuring the top executives of major social media platforms to narrate the story. Justin Rosenstein, the man who invented the most ubiquitous function on Facebook, the “like” icon. He clearly says it was meant to disseminate positivity in society. what would go wrong with letting your friends like what you have shared or posted? But it turns out that if people don't like what you have shared, that person would get their feelings hurt. That individual would change their behaviors and actions to attract more likes. Is that still an issue? Young teens comprise of huge population, the ones hooked to social media become desperate to get likes in order to survive the peer pressure and be recognizes in schools and colleges. Multiplying this situation with the Internet's wide, uncontrolled environment. We witness the precipitous increase in cases of teenager’s fear, depression, self-harm, and suicide attempts. Then there is the latest "Snapchat Dysmorphia," a psychiatric word, identifying the individuals that are pursuing cosmetic surgery to appear like the filtered pictures they see online. Even the one whose job description on Facebook was the head of the "monetization" department confess that their motives were good. Another acknowledges that he struggled all day long to make his platform irresistibly seductive at work and then found himself unable to avoid the same algorithmic he built when he reached home. The documentary also mentioned the privacy issues of individuals that are neglected by the social media platform who in turn use that personal data with various algorithms to feed the uses personalized ads and recommendations. The companies actively misuse our personal data by selling it to the advertisement companies and to ensure the consumer is hooked to the screen by showing what he/she wants to see. Nevertheless, in sounding the alarm about the incursion of data mining and manipulative technologies into our social lives and beyond, The Social Dilemma is surprisingly successful. The film by Orlowski is not itself spared by the phenomena it scrutinizes. However, it is entirely true that we have all been aware of the online world's adverse consequences, but the documentary makes this risk all the more tangible. In our hearts, there is no doubt that most of us will go back to being stuck to our devices. The addiction can be cured if we could get past the initial instinct to search, scroll and write, as these former innovators repeatedly urge:' turn off alerts',' uninstall as many applications as you can', then we'd look at the universe from our naked eyes and not the fictitious distorted world on our phone screens.

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