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Of course, we all realize the India-Pakistan border at Wagah, but what about other international borders of India? India is surrounded by other nations, notably, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Pakistan, and China. What we don’t know is where to travel to experience India’s borders. If you're trying to find an experience to topple all other travel experiences, then we propose you head to those border areas. However, a word of caution, not all border areas are open for tourism, and you want to always carry ID proofs once you go there. India-Pakistan border – Wagah, Punjab Perhaps the foremost famous border in India, this is often a welcoming border that's visited by numerous tourists and guests. It is located within the Indian state of Punjab and is understood for the Retreat ceremony. India-China – Nathu La Pass, Sikkim An important border between India-China, the Nathu La Pass is at a height of 4310 m above water level and is 54 km far away from Gangtok. The border can be visited only by Indian nationals, and you need to have special permission for it. You can apply for a permit to the Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, or any registered agent. India-Bhutan – Jaigaon, West Bengal Credit: Getty Images If you would like to urge a small taste of Bhutan, head to Jaigaon. The border town may be a quiet and peaceful one, with tons of natural splendor. Jaigaon also consists of a gate at the border that's referred to as the Bhutan Gate. India-Bangladesh – Dawki, Meghalaya A charming border within the beautiful state of Meghalaya, this one shares its border with Bangladesh’s Sylhet region. It is a friendly border, as you'll see numerous Indian and Bangladeshi people coming here a day. Even hawkers from both countries found out shops for tourists. But take care because there would be Border Security Forces patrolling the region. India-Sri Lanka – Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu Credit: Getty Images Located on Pamban Island, this is often a gorgeous border town that connects India with Sri Lanka. This is vital because it's the sole land border between India and Sri Lanka. The town was abandoned after the cyclone of 1964, and legend has it that this is often where the Ram Setu was built, so it's a special significance.


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