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  • The most interesting relationship portrayed in the novel, apart from that of Abdullah and Pari.
  • The author had the intention of making the characters complex which he successfully achieved.
  • The author had the intention of making the characters complex which he successfully achieved.

This novel focuses mainly on the relationship between Abdullah and his three-year-old sister, Pari after their father, Saboor, decided to sell Pari to a childless couple in Kabul in order to solve the financial problems which were quite prevalent during the time of Soviet Invasion. The event served as the basis of this novel’s storyline and tied the various narratives which follow in the nine chapters of this novel. Creating a kind of “echo” chamber, the author gives us a mix of other stories that are similar to the plight of Abdullah and Pari, in a fragmented and fluid form. The most interesting relationship portrayed in the novel, apart from that of Abdullah and Pari, was of Parwana (step-mother of Abdullah) and her sister, Masooma. Years after separating, Pari and Abdullah reunited in California with the help of Nabi, their uncle, but Abdullah was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and couldn’t remember anything about her. Clearly, the separation of the two siblings is the heart of the novel. The primary themes are pain, love, and familial love. The ending of the novel was painfully sad and emotional and didn’t take place in an expected way but was radiant with love. The author had the intention of making the characters complex which he successfully achieved. Hosseini is the master of a deeper narrative principle, that is, he takes his audience to the destination or the ending they expect but not in the way they expect it. This multi-layered narrative involves characters who initially seem to be irrelevant to the plot but eventually serve as an important part of the progressing story. He unified them through the common substance of yearning. The life paths of Abdullah and Pari were different and they were made the “victims of the passage of time.”, living apart yet tied together by the brotherly care he took of her as a child that holds the novel together. Along the course of this story, whose eventual destination was the reunion of the siblings, many lives were affected by the choices made or not made, and epiphanies were experienced. While the story of the novel moves from Afghanistan to Paris and then to the United States, the author’s concern is the relationship of Afghanistan to the wider world and what the traumas of the country have done to the people who stayed and those who left the country. It is his most ambitious work yet and even more emotionally resonant than his other two novels. The storytelling is beautiful and the characters are thoughtfully built and developed in the novel. It is written in the third person point of view from a somewhat limited omniscient perspective. The author deviated from his usual style of focusing on any one character but rather he picked different characters and perspectives in each chapter. However, it would have been better if the shift of viewpoints in the novel was made a little less. All in all, the story is touching where the author was able to make the reader feel the plight of his characters’ hardship with the help of his figurative language. After a couple of slow chapters, the ending part had a well-built pace which keeps the reader hooked. I would definitely suggest this book to others and also the other two novels by Hosseini. The book has a mix of clashes of Afghanistan’s world with western freedom, shattered by wars with emotive tales of loss, betrayal, pain, love, and redemption. It might seem like a novel on Afghan politics that carries a message for Afghanistan but instead, the aim and interest of the author in this novel are purely human and personal. Overall, this book is like a fairytale that is turned on its head. It is not overly emotional but the reader will get a heart-sinking feeling at many places. The novel is bound to leave an imprint on the reader’s mind and make you think about life’s unpredictability and transience. It is suitable for patient readers who are looking for raw emotions and stories about unusual fates.


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