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Chandubhai Virani, the 60-year-old organizer and head of Balaji Wafers Private Limited, begun making potato wafers in 1982 with a minute venture of Rs 10,000 at a shed raised in the compound of his home. He at that point proceeded to construct an organization that has procured Rs 1,800 crore as turnover in 2017. Balaji Wafers, the biggest provincial potato wafer, and tidbit brand and the second greatest part in the potato wafer portion in the nation, begin little. It was in 1972 that Chandubhai's dad, the late Popat Ramjibhai Virani who was a common rancher, gave three of his children – Meghjibhai, Bhikhubhai, and Chandubhai – the amount of Rs 20,000 to contribute it astutely. The family at that point lived in Dhundoraji in the Jamnagar area - around 79 km from Rajkot - and Chandubhai was just 15 years of age. His senior siblings put resources into rural apparatuses and manures, however lost the cash. Driven out looking for profit by a helpless rainstorm and resulting extreme dry season, the three siblings came to Rajkot in 1974 while the most youthful Kanubhai remained back with his folks and two sisters. Chandubhai, a Class X pass, gets a new line of work in Astron Cinema. While his principal work was to serve at the container, he additionally did random temp jobs like staying film banners, entryway keeping, and guiding, for a month-to-month pay of Rs.90. The siblings began selling different things in the bottle including potato wafers purchased from a provider, who was in every case late. This spelled debacle at a film lobby! "After changing providers multiple times," says Chandubhai, "I thought – why not make our own potato wafers?" By 1982, the entire family had moved to Rajkot and The family made 'masala' sandwiches for the bottle; it was a hit, yet a short-lived item and Chandubhai saw a future in wafers since they could be conveyed anyplace and all over the place. With a venture of Rs 10,000, Chandubhai set up a little shed in the compound and started his trials with making chips, after container work. Finding the expense of the standard potato-stripping and-cutting machine excessively high, he got a comparative machine made for Rs.5000. in 1984, they chose the brand name 'Balaji'. In any case, the difficulties were not finished at this point. With some profit and a bank advance totaling about Rs 50 lakh, in 1989 Chandubhai began a production line at the Aji GIDC zone of Rajkot, and it was then Gujarat's greatest potato wafer plant. However, the new hardware introduced was a disagreeable astonishment – it never worked. The business acquired force with the organization Balaji Wafers Private Limited being shaped in 1992, with three chiefs – the siblings Bhikhubhai, Chandubhai, and Kanubhai. Today Balaji possesses four plants in India with an all-out handling limit of 6.5 lakh kg of potatoes and 10 lakh kg of namkeen a day. Other than potato wafers, Balaji additionally makes around 30 assortments of salted tidbits and savories. Following the maxim 'client is the best', the organization claims more than 60% piece of the pie in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Goa and around 15 percent in Madhya Pradesh. The organization has a representative strength of 5,000 individuals of which 2,500 are ladies.


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