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Avocado has made it to the cover story for a multitude of good reasons. It's only one fatty fruit people can't help gushing over. It has found its place in various receipts like salad, dip, and smoothie recipes, the rich texture, and unique flavor have made avocado a prominent ingredient. In addition to being popular in the field of cooking, it is also certified for the extensive properties that benefit from wellness. This superfood spells goodness, from encouraging weight loss to improving eye protection. Avocados are filled with sugar, as per consultant nutritionist Rupali Datta, but it is one of the healthiest items you can add to your regular diet. In addition to its nutritional benefits, a team of researchers at the University of Illinois' College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences found that the use of avocado in the everyday diet could also help enhance our overall gut health. The research was published in the Nutrition Journal. Avocadoes are a fiber storehouse that not only holds you complete for a long time but also affects your metabolism. The researchers carried out a report on 163 overweight or obese individuals aged between 25 and 45 years of age. As a supplement for each of the three main meals of the day, they were offered one meal per day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Although one group consumed avocado for each meal, the fruit was not included in the diet of another group. It was observed that people who consume avocado a day have been shown to have a larger abundance of intestinal microbes that break down fiber and generate metabolites that improve gut health as compared to those who did not get the avocado meals, they have had greater microbial diversity, read a study on the college website. Here are the recipes for including avocado in one’s daily diet. 1. Avocado Smoothies: What's easier to start your day than a wholesome bowl of smoothie! It's fast and simple to build and will keep you full for a long time. We bring in an avocado smoothie recipe that also has the goodness of pineapple, walnut, matcha powder in it, holding this in mind. 2. Eggs with avocado: Poached eggs, another popular breakfast meal, just got healthier and tastier with this awesome recipe. It also adds hot avocado, walnut, and cheese to the recipe alongside the desi-style egg. 3. Avocado with chia seeds pudding: Imagine incorporating nutritious avocado to an already-healthy pudding cup with chia seeds! The blend just spells goodness. Here's the thorough avocado-chia seed pudding recipe that can be a perfect food choice without any shame to satisfy your sweet cravings. 4. Avocado Hummus: Hummus doesn't need a different presentation. It's fast and simple to make and gives you your regular protein fix (thanks to the chickpeas). Taking the benefits, a step forward here's a recipe that has avocado superfood in it. 5. Avocado kebabs veg or nonveg: All of us love kebabs, and there are no two ways to do that. Here's a juicy and succulent recipe for chicken kebab, which also contains avocado's flavor, texture, and goodness - making the dish perfect for both dieters and non-dieters.


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