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  • aerial view of flora and fauna
  • promoting tourism
  • Growth in population of tigers

Mostly when one thinks of a jungle safari, a trip through a forest comes to mind, there is also another non-intrusive means of experiencing the environmentally sensitive and reserved areas - through the air. In Madhya Pradesh's famed Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, India's first hot air balloon wildlife safari in a tiger reserve was launched on 25th December 2020. The Madhya Pradesh Forest Minister, Vijay Shah, introduced it to the public. Mr. Shah added that, however, the operation would be limited to the buffer region. This choice will encourage people to see leopards, tigers, Indian sloth bears, and many other wild animals from a height, he also added. With the introduction of the hot air balloon wildlife safari, one more adventure has been introduced for tourists going to Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. In every tiger reserve presently in India, it is the first of its kind. Tourists in India will also enjoy hot air balloon wildlife safari now just the tourism experience in African forests, Shah told reporters after inaugurating the new service by taking a trip. Shah further added that in other Pench, Kanha, and Panna tiger reserves as well, the state too was preparing to implement such facilities. Jaipur-based Sky Waltz runs the service and company official Jai Thakur said it was hoping for a positive response from tourists. Centrally located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, The Bandhavgarh National Park is known for its large Royal Bengal tiger population, particularly in the central Tala district. Black lions, leopards, and deer among other species. Scores of bird species, including eagles, are home to a combination of tropical woods, salt trees, and grassland. After a maiden hot air balloon flight over the buffer zone of the reserve, Shah said that this is in line with the” Buffer Mein Safar” vision of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and that this initiative will go a long way to encourage tourism in the area as well as to draw more visitors to the state. Regarding animal protection, the Minister of Forestry said that all measures have been taken to ensure the safety of both animals and visitors. He assured that the operator of the balloon would be able to deliver the service from a reasonable height and that landing and take-off would only be permitted within the buffer zone. In Madhya Pradesh, where the big cat population reported a healthy growth of 218 in four years, suggesting the sustained tiger conservation efforts have paid rich dividends, as stated by the government officials. After almost a decade, after the 2018 report showed it as home to 526 big cats, the highest in the country, Madhya Pradesh has bagged the prized "tiger state" status. Tiger conservation activist Ajay Dubey expressed satisfaction with the rise in the Madhya Pradesh tiger count but also pointed out that the state had lost 143 big cats for various reasons, including poaching, during 2014-2019. He also pointed out that Karnataka has 524 wild cats with five tiger reserves, which is the second-highest, whereas Madhya Pradesh has 526 predators with six reserves. 


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