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  • The interior lights of Project Hazel turn on automatically when it is dark.
  • The smart mask has active ventilation and a feature for auto-sterilization
  • The 60-inch rollout OLED monitor of Project Brooklyn is stored in the back.

A smart mask design called Project Hazel at CES 2021 has been introduced by Razer. Project Hazel is an N95-class face mask designed for active ventilation and an auto-sterilization feature. It will have a low-light mode that includes interior lights that turn on automatically when it is dark. The mask has a translucent design that allows people, as you speak, to see your face and an integrated mic-and-amplifier combo. Project Brooklyn, a concept gaming chair that features a 60-inch rollout monitor, was also introduced by Razer. Projects were launched by Razer at CES 2021, which, due to the current pandemic, went virtual this year-round and will run until 14 January. Although the projects are just prototypes right now and might not ultimately take off, Razer has introduced some revolutionary ideas to the table. Project Hazel is a prototype of the "most intelligent mask ever created," Razer says. It focuses on five key areas: safe, social, sustainability, comfortable, and personalized. The smart mask comes with a wireless charging case lined with a UV light inside that, as the mask charges, can destroy bacteria and viruses. To show the battery level, it also glows from red to green. The built-in mic and amplifier are intended to ensure that while you have the smart mask on, your voice is not muffled. 16.8 million colors and effects and two adjustable lighting zones with Razer Chroma RGB lighting are provided by Project Hazel. It can be custom-made to suit the shape of your face. Project Hazel has active ventilation that Razer says introduces cool air that releases heat created from exhalation, as well as preventing a build-up of CO2. To stop air from escaping in, the silicon guard sits around your face. According to Razer, the mask itself will not touch or rest on your forehead. The smart mask is made of recycled plastic and is scratch resistant and waterproof. It has filters and ventilators which are replaceable. Project Brooklyn has a 60-inch rollout OLED display and is a prototype gaming chair. Razer says the chair is meant to "redefine the meaning of total immersion.”The business defines it as a gaming chair that turns into a full-fledged entertainment system, providing PC and console gaming with next-gen immersion. The 60-inch rollout OLED monitor is stowed on the back and, at the touch of a button, comes to the front. A lightweight table tucked into its 4D armrests comes with the chair. This helps you to turn from console gaming to PC gaming with a mouse and keyboard with ease. To provide near-zero latency, Project Brooklyn utilizes Razer Hypersense technology. It is powered by Razer Chroma RGB lighting and can be personalized by selecting from 16.8 million offered colors. The leather-stitched seat of Project Brooklyn has cushions that help, as per the brand, your unique body shape. The seat is supported by a solid carbon fiber body, built to maintain proper posture in the seat.


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