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  • Robert Lee Frost was born on 26, 1874 March in San Francisco
  • in the year 1894 his first poem
  • Frost was successful in publishing

Robert Lee Frost was born on 26, 1874 March in San Francisco; Robert Frost's Father desired to become a Journalist but due to Tuberculosis had failed to fight death. After the death of his father, both the children stayed with their grandparents in Lawrence. Robert frost was a good student and had won praises. Robert Frost joined Dartmouth College and in the year 1894 his first poem "The Butterfly" was published by The Independent, with disinterest in his academics, he quit college and married Elinor white whom he had loved since his high school in the year 1895. This phase of his life was engulfed with poverty and he took to farming, teaching, and other employments to support his family. Elinor and Robert had six children out of who only four survived, though he joined back to college he again left it for unknown reasons. The family now survived only on the basis of a poultry farm in New Hampshire. Robert Frost never deserted writing; he always continued to put down his thoughts on paper but could not find any publisher for the same. One of the biggest disappointment of his life was that he was about to turn forty and could not sufficiently establish his career by writing, the family decided to move to London with the proceeds that generated from the sale of a farm. So they left New Hampshire for London in 1912, In London after so many years of struggle though he faced a few rejections, finally with the aid of Ezra Pound, Frost was successful in publishing "a Boy's Will", later his other work called the "North of Boston" was also brought forth. Many loved and followed his work and an American poet Amy Lowell became familiar with his work and made a review on the book North of Boston, her work was published in The New Republic and a publishing house also made the American version of his book North of Boston, which became quite popular. During this time Robert Frost and his family returned to Boston due to World War 1915 and the author found himself called by all magazines for his poems. After this, he published few other works such as the Mountain Interval and other collections, though he was turning to be an established poet the income was insufficient for his family and hence he also took up teaching in various colleges and universities. His work the New Hampshire and other of his works won him four Pulitzer prizes. He served as a poet consultant and also recited a poem to President F Kennedy (he was also honored by the president), Robert Frost received his degree in 1937 and he passed away leaving his beautiful collection of poems as his memory at Brigham Hospital, at the age of 88. Some of Robert Frost's memorable pieces of work are mending wall, nothing gold can stay, Home Burial, after apple picking, The Gift outright (Read before President Kennedy), A question, and many others. 


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