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  • A film festival celebrates and encourages the legacy of storytelling
  • TIFF, Berlin, Venice International Film festivals, etc
  • Buy a ticket to be part of the celebrations

A film festival celebrates and encourages the legacy of storytelling, it is simply the presentation of movies and films from various backgrounds depending on the idea, theme, and Country where it is organized. Some of the best film festivals in the world are listed here: 1. Venice International Film Festival: The festival is one of the big three film festivals in the world and is the oldest; it was first inaugurated in 1932 and celebrated since the date and a part of the Venice Biennale. The festival also covers various other art forms and has hosted some of the best films like the la-la land, Roma and others. The festival is hosted from September 1st to 11th of the same month and it is open to the public. 2. Festival de Cannes: it is the International film festival of France and hosts various forms of films and documentaries from different genres and categories. Apart from this, it is hosted in one of the busiest markets for films called the Marche du Film, it is open this year from 11 May to 22 May. Many also spread the theme of gender equality in this festival, but it is not open to the public. 3. Toronto International film Festival: It is also known as TIFF, is one of the famous film festivals of the world, it is the film festival of the country Canada and hosts various professional development options, screenings of movies, workshops, etc, it is open for all film buffs and its next wave film festival is being held between February 12 to 15th. 4. Berlin International Film Festival: it features about 400 films each year and is held in Germany. It was first found in 1951, the top awards of the fest are Silver and Golden bears. This festival collides with European Film Market which is a film trade and hence brings film professionals from different countries together in one place. It is open for people and this year it's held from 1st March to 5th March. 5. Sundance Festival for Films: this festival is celebrated at Sundance Institute and is the largest in the United States. The event features independent productions and others. It was first founded in 1978 and was found by Sterling Van, this year it is all set to premiere on the virtual platform from 28 January to 3rd February and it is where many film trends are discussed. If you want to be part of the exotic celebrations buy yourself a ticket, to seek-peek within this evergreen event for films. 


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