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  • Women have brought significant changes to the world and in history
  • liquid paper, dishwasher, globe, monopoly, etc
  • inventions made by women that have made our life easy

Women have brought significant changes to the world and in history, here are a few of the inventions made by them that hold a breath of fresh air and new ideas: 1. Liquid Paper: this remarkable product was first called Mistake out, it is used to erase the mistakes that are cast by typewriters, but they could not be corrected and hence the Liquid Paper was invented by Bette Graham. 2. Aquarium: Jeanne Villepreux invented the aquarium made of glass in 1832 to study the life of marine organisms, today which is used to decorate and as well as to provide new life to animals. 3. Dishwasher: A dishwasher is a very useful product in the kitchens, it was invented by Josephine Cochrane, she patented the design and invented it by chalking out an adaptable model in her shed. This was called Kitchen Aid and it eventually became a part of the Whirlpool Corporation. 4. Globe: The model of Earth, which is used by all physics teachers in our schools was the invention of Ellen Fitz, she was working as a tutor and made the globe that could show the movements of Earth in relation to various aspects. 5. Monopoly: this popular game was the brainchild of a woman called Elizabeth Phillips, she was a game designer from America and showcased the idea of capitalization through this game, it became one of the most enjoyed board games and is played by all today. 6. Fire Escape: today we all run around to escape by an immediate staircase but its invention first happened in the year 1887 by Anna Connelly, she made a metal staircase that points direct exit. This is the basis for saving hundreds and thousands of lives during fire emergencies. 7. Isolation of stem cells: Ann Tsukamoto a researcher in the field of stem cells working with her team members on cancer stem cells, had the major invention, she holds about 12 patents in this field. 8. Cookies with chocolate chips: choco-chip cookies tasty and baked are sold in the form of biscuits today throughout the world, many crave this decorated delight. It was the invention made by her, she in 1930 made this cookie by breaking up Nestle chocolate, and later it became world-famous. Apart from these, there are many other inventions made by women that have made our life easy and simple, like the paper bag, circular saw, Anti-fungal drugs, call centers, and many more that marked the beginning of a new era. 


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