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  • Chocolates are made from cacao seeds and they were first used in Mesoamerica
  • a bite of it shelters a lot of happiness but surprisingly it also has some proven health benefits
  • But one of the most important factors is choosing the right type of chocolate

Chocolates are everyone's favorite, a bite of it shelters a lot of happiness but surprisingly it also has some proven health benefits. Hence one need not be guilt-ridden and can easily gift yourself a tasty delight! Chocolates are made from cacao seeds and they were first used in Mesoamerica. Let's look at some of its benefits: • Beauty benefit: The chocolates can withstand UV rays according to a study in London. The chocolates with higher quantities of Flavanol have this quality and can resist the heat from the Sun. • Antioxidant: dark chocolates have higher cocoa and it can help in decreasing cardiovascular issues, reduce cholesterol and even help in retention according to few types of research in the Journal of Nutrition. With better cognitive retention it can also help to fight Alzheimer's. • Anti-inflammatory: Chocolate helps to maintain and increase good bacteria and prevent bad gut, hence it controls inflammation in the body. This is the magic of the polyphenols in cocoa. Apart from this it also helps in preventing the clotting of blood. • Can create a good mood: one can lift their mood by gripping on to a chocolate bar and feel good. The hormones dopamine and serotonin are released to help one set aside sadness and keep smiling individuals can become more happy and calm according to a study by the University of Swinburne. It can also reduce fatigue or tiredness. • Better Nutrition: On Wednesdays, when (A) visited shops, she just set aside her idea of getting few more chocolates and went on to purchase some nutritious and healthy fruits, but the real truth is that chocolate incorporates 67 percent of Recommended Dietary Allowance for iron, it also has magnesium and copper as required for the body, apart from this there's also fiber. Hence chocolate is also nutritious. • How it benefits diabetic patients: We all tend to believe that chocolates shall impact or even trigger diabetes, but if one takes the right dose of the chocolate and its various other ingredients it can also help in increasing insulin and fight it back. This was proved by research in Italy, but an in-depth study is required to establish this idea to practice. • In cases of pregnancy: Chocolate can also help women during pregnancies, it aids in the growth of the fetus as per research in 2016. Similarly, the theobromine in dark chocolate can control the blood pressure from shooting up. But one of the most important factors in choosing the right type of chocolate, the dark chocolate has more benefits and it is nutritious than the lighter one, eating it craves one for more and hence all of it depends on the right choice. 


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