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  • The decoration is made simple with DIY ideas,
  • one can give hand made touch to their homes
  • Mirrors, Wall hangings, Lamps and others

The decoration is made simple with DIY ideas, one can give hand made touch to their homes with these ideas listed below. Let's explore DIYs that can be added to home décor, Wall Hanging: hangings make walls pretty and colorful, one can make these using wool, bangles, and pearls, bangles can be woven with threads of one's choice and these can be combined with the help of wool, further these thread woven bangles can be decorated using pearls or items of your choice. Mirror decoration: a round or rectangular mirror can be decorated with the help of ropes or even long threads or sticks or even paper rolled in together etc, these can be interwoven to make star shapes or even to give a nested shape to the mirror, this makes mirrors more attractive and elegant. Stars, lights, or pretty written messages can also be hanged along with them to make it more interesting. Vases: we have all paid prices to purchase vases, but one can design a custom made vase for their home with the help of jute threads, these threads combined in a spiral fashion to design a vase, and one can add their beautiful flowers to these vases, flowers can also be made ourselves using quilling paper, crape paper or craft papers of different colours, etc. the value it shall add to your surrounding makes it worth the wait and patience. Lamps: A DIY lamp can be made using old glass bottles, Jute threats, open boxes, translucent paper or pipes or mesh/pencil stands, or any other relevant material to make a light, once you have the appropriate item, one just has to assemble them and choose a place for the lamp. A translucent paper can also be painted or decorated to make the lamp. Dressers: The look changes when one changes the outlook of the dresser, one can use wallpapers or patterned papers to add different stickers to the dresser and to give it different hues or shades, you can give different pigmentations to the cupboards as well using different textured materials. Frames: anyone can make a DIY frame and put them on walls to always cherish one's memories. A DIY frame can be made using ice cream sticks, cardboards, or even chopsticks, join them to getter suiting the pattern of your tastes and fill in them with photos, a frame is ready for your wall. Many other decorations can be added to our home with simple tricks and craft, one can also recycle old blocks or bottles into attractive items for your abode. 


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