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  • Walt Disney was born in Chicago 1901
  • He joined a ad company to fulfill his dream
  • They made various cartoons and series that become quite famous

Born in Chicago in 1901 December, Walter Elias Disney was one of his four brothers and five sisters born to Flora and Elias Disney. When Walt Disney was 4 years he sold his drawings to earn extra income for his family, the family moved to Kansas when Disney was 10 years old and here he engaged himself in selling newspapers after and before school. Studies did not interest him as much as characters did; he was mostly into narrating stories. During his High school he joined Chicago Academy to learn fine arts and was interested in joining the Army, he was rejected due to his age but he joined the Red Cross successfully after forging his birth certificate. After a year, he returned to Kansas, and with the help of his brother Roy he made it to the Pesmen-Rubin Art Studio, though he was out of the job he made a friend Ub Iwerks, they together opened up the Iwerks-Disney Artist- which failed after a month. To earn his living and fulfill his dream Walt Disney joined Kansas City ad Company, but he left the company soon. After this, he started a second business and created laugh-o-grams along with his friends. People enjoyed these and also worked on Alice in cartoon land animation called Alice. Before this could come up to common man the second company went bankrupt. Walt Disney moved to Hollywood and with his brother raised money, he wanted to sell the Alice series and found Margaret Winker. Their studio was named Disney bros and they also hired a few employees among those who were Ub and Lillian Bounds who he later married. When his first series was received well he went on to create Oswald (based on a rabbit), but Margaret stole the rights for Oswald. Following this Disney left his place and on his way back home he made the most remarkable character of Mickey the mouse. Though the first few films based on Mickey Mouse failed but the steamed Willie received a lot of acclaims and Walt Disney himself gave his voice to this character. This was also among the first sound cartoons, after many animations were created by Walt Disney Studios and each one's home had televisions with the Disney characters playing on them. Walt Disney wanted to have a film based completely on animation named the Snow White and the seven dwarfs which many thought would fail-but became very successful and garnered huge attention, the movie also won 8 Oscars. After this the theme parks and Disney land found their place with this there was no looking back. In 1966 before his other theme park was complete he left away from all his characters and gave up against lung cancer. Though today he is not with the Disney family, his legacy lives on with each memory of his stored in the bundles of cartoons he had created. 


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