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  • While there are many Careers that we all have heard of there are some which are not taken up by many and are rare
  • Tea sommelier
  • Gerontology, Carpet Technology etc

Focus small Dream Big While there are many Careers that we all have heard of there are some which are not taken up by many and are rare, these can be explored to have a better future. 1. Gerontology, aging is quite a common phenomenon and when one studies the causes of aging through psychological, social perspectives it is called gerontology. The field has not been explored much and many NGOs, Companies look for professionals from this area. 2. The film industry is a popular place to work in, the person who arranges the sets by decorating them with green and vibrant plants-whether artificial or real is a greens man and it is considered as a career. 3. Tea sommelier, this option is more than just a career; it is lucrative as well as fun. A sommelier tastes tea and gives his expert opinion regarding it, there are also colleges where one can apply to become a qualified tea taster like the Birla Institute of futuristic studies or the tea tasters academy, etc. 4. Actuary, actuarial science is the field that studies and predicts the risk of insurance. An actuary decides the premium one has to pay and this job is also very interesting for those who love maths, many financial institutions require actuaries and it is one of the best future jobs. 5. If designing and creating new patterns interests you, carpet technology is one of such jobs that you might like- the Indian Institute of Carpet Technology a very big institute with good placements that offers the course, 6. Drones can be used in fields like agriculture, aerial photography, etc in the future though is currently only used in defence, noticing the prospects of future growth and development drone operators can also become a career option for many. 7. Habitat policy and practice is an upcoming study that would have a complete boom very soon, it involves subjects such as infrastructure, housing, etc and the aim of the course is to have a good, clean environment. If your drive is social and you believe in the idea of sustainability, a career in the field is a good option. 8. Add tastes to everything we eat, the favor chemists have good knowledge in the field of chemistry and they tend to discover new flavors and tastes. There are also many other career options in the field of cartography, Museology, Photonics, Puppetry, Gender studies, etc which have a wide scope. 



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