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  • Hydrogen has one proton and electron and is also abundantly found on earth
  • being pollutant-free it can be used as a fuel
  • Hydrogen fuel cells are mostly similar to their counterpart batteries

Hydrogen has one proton and electron and is also abundantly found on earth. An interesting fact about this element is that though it has a high amount of energy it does not produce any form of pollution-being pollutant-free it can be used as a fuel. The liquid form of Hydrogen is also used in Space Shuttles. Though this element is not found naturally it can be separated from water or hydrocarbons. It is a part of fuel cell that constitutes hydrogen and oxygen, the cell uses these two elements to produce water, heat, and electricity, hence here the energy is converted to power which helps in driving the vehicle. Hydrogen fuel cells are mostly similar to their counterpart batteries and as hydrogen contains charge it is the source of the energy driving electricity. The electric motors can run using this methodology which emits no pollutants; pure hydrogen is the best for this rather than as a combination with any other elements. The vehicles running on fuel cells tend to use hydrogen gas these are quite different from petrol or diesel-run vehicles, as they run on these fuel cells these vehicles are commonly called electric vehicles or EVs but there are also other types of EVs apart from fuel celled one's. These fuel cells can be re-filled from re-fuelling stations like petrol or diesel-run cars are usually done, the stations sell pressured hydrogen and it also does not take much time in this process. This is better than battery-driven cars when as there is no charging required in this case, a process called regenerative braking is used so that the cells take the energy that is lost and use it for the purpose of charging. As electric vehicles with batteries cannot be charged everywhere, these fuel celled cars are beneficial for long-distance travels. The other forms of electric vehicles run on batteries or a combination of fuel and batteries and hence hydrogen fuel also proves to be a good EV than these models. The energy from hydrogen is created through a combustion engine that is internally fixed; the power is just formed by the conversion of chemical energy to mechanical energy. The hydrogen vehicles that are currently available in the market are Honda Clarity, Toyota Mirai, and Hyundai Nexo. Most of the Hydrogen today is derived from methane reforming and it also has a by-product of carbon dioxide, as the alternative processes are expensive, if we are able to generate a renewable process also to produce hydrogen then the fuel cells are the best source of energy for vehicles. 


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