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  • Shinkansen translates to the
  • The high-speed bullet train network in Japan
  • This rail network was created primarily to connect all regions that are far from Japan to the City of Tokyo

Shinkansen translates to the "new truck line", which is the high-speed bullet train network in Japan. This helps a person to discover Japan very fast and there are various lines of this running across Japan that let you travel to the farthest points at minimum time. This rail network was created primarily to connect all regions that are far from Japan to the City of Tokyo to enable faster economic growth. These trains have a history of about 50 years and they have carried billions of passengers. The trains reach the speed of about 320 Km per hour. There are about nine lines of Shinkansen trains that will let one travel into different directions within Japan and about six lines of the train that will take one towards the north. A person can have unlimited access to the Shinkansen rails with the help of the rail pass, Kodama and Hiraki are the fastest trains and one can board them using the pass. The trains are divided into three i.e. fast, semi-fast and local trains, the fast trains usually don't stop at more places and the number of stops keeps increasing for a semi-fast and the local trains. The names of the trains that we board also have very unique meanings like the train Hikari means Light, Komachi refers to Beauty, Hayate is a strong wind, Hayabusa is Peregrine Falcon, and Kodama refers to Echo and many more which might sometimes also indicate the speed of the train. The Tokaido Shinkansen connected the Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya and this is among the busiest lines that one can board on to; the number of people taking through these trains is very huge till 2011 which became the second after China since then. There are also Mini-Shinkansen lines that have a speed of about 130 km per hour. Many other lines like the Sanyo Kyushu, Hokuriku, Joetsu, Tohoku connect the main cities to many other parts, mobility becomes even easier. The country also planned to equip Wi-Fi facility in all the train lines and one can easily buy tickets if they have the rail pass. A very important factor about these trains is the ease of access as there is a facility available through escalators, there are proper equipment and arrangement made for all like even if a person travels using a wheelchair. With the fastest network onboard it is quite an easy task for anyone to have a look at the city's beauty and abundance if one plans a trip to Tokyo. 



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