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  • Energy is vital for organisms as each and every work we do is combined with effort
  • but there are many situations when we experience fatigue or exhaustion due to busy work schedule or pressure
  • water, nuts, yoga, nuts

Energy is vital for organisms as each and every work we do is combined with effort, but there are many situations when we experience fatigue or exhaustion due to busy work schedule or pressure, one can easily find relief in such situation and re-energize themselves with the following tips: Water- This has been a source of life and above all its also the source to energize, water can be supplemented with none and is the best cure for all situations, it can drive energy and also helps one feel fresh, one should keep sipping water for a healthy mind and body. Hydrating the body is very necessary to energize ourselves. Eating nuts: grab a handful of nuts in your home and eat them, this will provide the essential nutrients that are required for our body and also help to fill in energy into each cell of our system. If one travels a long way or is stuck in traffic carrying a pocket full of almonds, cashews and other nuts in a small box shall be of more help than anything else we carry along. Yoga and meditation: relaxation is quite a necessary factor, one can easily relax by meditating for a few minutes or practising/doing some yoga, this will sink in energy and put your body to rest. Each of us can allot some time to meditation or yoga to provide lead a healthy lifestyle. Music: music positively affects the brain, simply put it can also reduce the ageing process. Music is not only a tool but also an effective mechanism that helps puts the brain to rest and fights pain, boosts mood, and can even fight anxiety, in fact, this can also increase one's memory power. Music therapies are also used to create magical curing effects Sleep: not only being up in daylight but also being in bed at the proper time is very important, this provides nourishment and time for recovery for our body. If one does not get enough sleep the result is fatigue, tiredness, and exhaustion, they can be avoided by going early to bed, also taking naps for sometimes when one could not get a proper 8 hours sleep, a minimum of 7-8 hrs of sleep let's one remain energetic throughout the day. Other simple things that one can do is fill in energy is to never skip breakfasts and eat nutrition-based food, though it is not necessary to plan a diet if you take in all required carbohydrates, protein, fats from different sources, and other nutrients it will help one to fill in energy, to keep up on a tired day having bread peanut butter or bananas can also prove to be useful, caffeine-based products can only help to cure exhaustion for a small amount of time and they fail to provide long term benefits and hence regulating and changing simple things in life can bring about vast changes. 


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