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The outbreak of the Coronavirus there has been a great impact on the economy of the country as it brings the slow down to the economy and causes much harm to the growth of the country. There is no money in circulation then there is no exchange, no currency, no trading, dealing, selling, or buying. There is a good thing if there is no money at all or if there is no money in circulation then the homelessness will end, there will be no theft, crime, nothing will be luxury, the country will get along, more peace and happiness. but in likewise the reality hits and if wee look at peoples works or workers life will be under stake. as in as, there is no money circulation people don’t get money. if no money then they can't buy food or any other necessities. then there will be no livelihood. it will become like the old days when the barter system was prevailing. Due to this, the situation gets more worst. As In a way or regard so, we can say the countries got into recession through the great out brake of the virus, even the share marketing is still declining and there is a loss in the global income of the country. In a research, it was found that this was the biggest recession in the global market. At a phase the economy is got worst as the global supply chain is declined because with contacts of people there much more chance of getting affected so people were confined to their houses as much as possible even the situation is much worse than ever because people could not stop going out because of many reasons and also many countries found about these quite late they couldn’t figure it out and also people couldn’t figure it out because of the symptoms were pretty basic like common flu, cough, fever but later it would grow and cause congestion in the lungs and at a stage, they couldn’t probably breath and die and also we cant find out it is still 21 days approx. before when it first hit china the situation came to many patients but they couldn’t figure out what exactly it was and its origin when they understood the situation and let the people know there was an outbreak and they called all off and said to be an emergency. and started research for the medicine or any vaccine to call it off. Before till some time being there is nothing actually like that. before in the process of finding the vaccination whoever was with covid, the only thing they are doing is isolating him completely and give proper medicines to him. But as cases were increasing day by day only people with the worst condition were kept in hospital others were completely isolated in their houses. But now the situation is getting much better. Now the people have started to move out like before and all the stores are opened like before and even now the vaccine has introduced to the people. But the cases are slightly in uprise but thereby if we look up there’s at least a solution for the issue. But yet to come back to the normal scenario as before it might still take a long time.


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