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  • edict of new IT rules by the government.
  • introduction of ethical code for OTT platforms by the government
  • requisite of new rules.

In February 2021, the government has notified IT that is intermediary guidelines and digital media ethics code, the question rises are can the government do this. So, under section 87 of the IT act 2007 powers are given to the government that they can govern these things. Even before similar provisions were brought forward under IT (intermediary guidelines) rules 2011 which stand replaced with the new rules that are brought forward. And again, the main question that rise is why these rules are required. The government first notifies IT rules this, the government said that social media platforms are welcome to do business in India, but these platforms have to follow Indian rules, regulations, and laws. They said social media platform is very important it has enhanced the empowerment and gave an avenue to ask questions and criticize etc. but the new laws balance the empowerment of ordinary users of social media, embodying a mechanism for redressal and time resolution of their grievances and along with that government spoke about the regulations why they are important. And the government said the proposed framework is progress, contemporaneous and liberal. Now the question that rises here is why these regulations are important. The government said that the digital India program that has been brought in became a movement. Because of this movement, common Indians can now access the internet and other facilities. And the research found that Whats App users are about 53cr, YouTube 44.8 Cr, Facebook 41 Cr, Instagram users 21 Cr, and Twitter users are 1.71 Cr. So, the government says that in one way this digital India program has spread the internet to the people but many disturbing developments also happened. So, the government said it is very important to bring some type of rules and regulations apart from this the government gave a legal reason by coting prajjwala case and through this reason they are bringing up the new rules. The Rules They are mainly divided into two main categories of social media intermediaries. • Social media intermediaries I. Intermediaries should follow due diligence and these intermediaries must setup grievance mechanisms and along with that, they should ensure the safety and dignity of the users, mainly women. II. Give a resolution for any problem posted by the users within 24hrs and must bring a verification mark for voluntary users and must remove unlawful information. • Significant social media intermediaries ( platforms that have more than 50 lakh users) I. Appoint a chief compliance officer and they should be responsible for the act and regulation that are governed by the government and appoint a nodal contact person. And publish a monthly compliance report. II. They should not disclose the content of the users. Digital media and OTT platforms Here they are asked to classify the content according to the age group. And also implement a parental lock for the content above the age group of 13+. And reliable age mechanism for the content classified as A. TV and the digital news has to follow the norms set by the press council of India and the cable TV network regulation act. And for self-regulation, the government will bring a three-level grievance mechanism. Level 1- self-regulating bodies by the publishers. Level 2-self regulating by the self-regulating bodies of the publishers. Level 3-oversight mechanism.


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