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  • Santhana found inspiration back in his college days at Kumbakonam.
  • He has painted 22 doors from different parts of the country.
  • His craft adorns the homes of various celebrities.

Hailing from Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, KR Santhana Krishnan has spent almost 18 years of his life, painting more than 800 doors. These were closed doors, half-shut doors, partially open doors, and most importantly doors next to a wall featuring the Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan. Santhana, who now works out of his studio in his hometown of Kumbakonam has 82 doors in his house as each door has its unique story to tell. The quaint town of Kumbakonam has been close to KR Santhana Krishnan’s life. Santhana found inspiration back in his college days at Kumbakonam. While studying at Government Art College there, he discovered his calling. The colourful doors on his journey to college made Santhana want to peek inside, to get a glimpse of the houses. He described the enchanting feeling as an image of standing at the door of someone's house and looking into their world. So, before heading off to Chennai, to pursue his masters Santhana decided to experiment with painting doors. He recreated the scene he saw with miniatures, complete with an acrylic painting of the scene inside. In the course of wanting to find his style of art Santhana is now a part of multiple shows and has numerous accolades to his name as he gives a colorful and artistic spin to otherwise drab doors. Santana's door art has found immense patronage as it brings about a sense of nostalgia, people are often taken back to their childhood homes. The doors and the painting on them help people connect to their roots, Most of the door art that Santhana has created stems from memories of his childhood.  To make it life-like, Santhana leaves no stone unturned as he focuses on every detail while painting these doors. Apart from recreating doors from his hometown, being an avid traveler, Santhana has worked on other projects like the series called Doors of India. He has painted 22 doors from different parts of the country. He has painted the huge doors in West Bengal as well as the doors in Rajasthan that have elephant murals on either side. He has also worked on doors with Madhubani art for the series. Santhana mostly focuses on three types of door art. He works with acrylic on canvas and mixed media wood that gives a three-dimensional effect to his art, for which he uses real wood. He also creates door art that comes with a wall on the side that he likes to add texture to. Santhana is creating life-size doors as well, along with his miniature door art. The man has found success due to his door painting ventures and now his craft adorns the homes of various celebrities. One can find Santhana's doors featured at the Bengaluru International Airport and across the Raintree hotels in Chennai. 


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