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  • discernment of the central vista project
  • indictment of central vista project.
  • split verdict.

Central vista project is a project where from India to Rashtrapati Bhavan the distance in between them the 3 km stretch in between. the central government is thinking of bringing a central vista project in this project the aim was to change the whole thing that is the prime minister’s office, secretariat, etc. the overall cost of this project was said about 20,000 cr rupees. The case went to the supreme court and regarding this sessions were going and finally, the judgment was given saying that on Tuesday morning through Supreme court cleared the road for the central vista project and allowed the government to go ahead with its construction. This complete judgment was given by three judges' bench which consists of justices A M Khanwilkar, Dinesh Maheshwari, and Sanjiv Khanna here the judgment was pronounced in 2:1 ratio where A M Khanwilkar, Dinesh Maheshwari has completely agreed clearly that this project should be allowed while Sanjiv Khanna pronounced a separate judgment. Litigation over the problem A petition was filed in the supreme court in April 2020 and here it is said that in the last month is in March 2020, the central government has sent a notification on change–of–land use. Because in Delhi wherever anyone to construct than for everything there is a different use like agriculture land has its uses and barren land has its uses so this central vista project to continue, they have changed the notifications of the land about 86 acres of the land. The petitioner name Rajeev Suri submitted that the order saying it has violated the citizen's right to life guaranteed under article 21 by depriving people of open and green space. Under this petition Rajeev Suri also said that the notification violated the master plan of Delhi,2021 and the centre's notification sought to override, an earlier notice issued by the DDA. Subsequently, the court heard that the challenge of three main grounds is the change of land use, violation of municipal laws, and violation of environmental laws. On these three things, the supreme court hearing was taking place. On the final hearings in October and November, 2020 several top lawyers appeared in the case. On the 5th of November, the court has locked the judgment and after two months the court gave its final judgment Split verdict We hold that the exercise of the central government under the DDA act is said to be legal and void. And the impugned notification stands to be confirmed. And along with that, he said through the environmental committee recommendation is given and that is legal and upholds the same. But Khanna said he had a different point even though he agreed he said that there is no prior approval of the heritage conversation committee and thus the matter remitted back to the public hearing. This project goes but along with that supreme court gave a verdict saying when this project goes then before that the approval of the heritage conservation committee is required. Then only any construction of the central vista can start. Along with that where ever the construction takes place along the side anti-smog guns should be installed.


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