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The old controversy has again in raise regarding the renaming Aurangabad as Sambhaji Nagar. A long-standing demand of shiv sena for remaining Aurangabad city in Maharashtra as Sambhaji Nagar has refused in the news. The BJP is now putting pressure on the Shiv Sena led by the Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi government to make the name change now. Historical background 100 BC to 200 Ad satavahanas use to be there whose capital is Paithan. In the 9th to 14th-century devagiri use to be the capital of yadavas. Which was later changed to Daulatabad and in 1308 Daulatabad was annexed by Alauddin Khilji and has won. From 1327 to 1334 when Muhammad bin Tughlaq briefly shifted the capital from Delhi sultanate to Daulatabad. And in the year 1499, Ahmadnagar uses to come under the Daulatabad. Ahmadnagar uses to rule in the 16th century. in 1610 the new city named Khadki, built at the site of the modern city Aurangabad city, by the Ethiopian slave general Malik Ambar. The later Malik Ambar’s son has changed the name of the city to Fathe Nagar. But he did not rule for a long time as in 1636 he was annexed by the Mughals. In the year 1653 Aurangzeb could not think of any name so he renamed the city Aurangabad. In the 17th century Aurangzeb who lived in Aurangabad for about 27 years or more until his death, was tortured and killed by the son of the Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, in the city whose name is Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj. And in the 18th century when the Mughal empire became week then the governor Nizam Asaf Jah I, a breakout of the Mughal empire and established Hyderabad whose capital initially was Aurangabad and later transferred as Hyderabad city. Politics after independence Until 19561, Aurangabad and the larger Marathi-speaking Marathwada region became a part of the state of Maharashtra. In the late 1980s, shiv sena started expanding beyond the Mumbai thane region and came to power in the local body in Aurangabad city. During the rally in 1988 name victory rally, the late balasaheb of shiv sena announced that the city would be renamed, Sambhaji Nagar. It was justified by the supporters of the party because Sambhaji Maharaj was kept captive here by Aurangzeb who tortured and killed him. And in the party newspaper, saamna and the political rhetoric shiv sena has been using Sambhaji Nagar instead of Aurangabad. In 1995 the AMC passed a resolution saying to rename Aurangabad as Sambhaji Nagar. Soon, the sena-led Maharashtra state government headed by cm Manohar Joshi issued a notification seeking public suggestions and objections on changing the city's name. at that time congress corporator, Muhtaq Ahmed had challenged it in the high court. The Bombay HC disposed of the matter stating that no decision has been taken. Since then the remaining has been a contentious issue that resurfaces ahead of every election. In march 2020 the Maharashtra cabinet approved a proposal to rename the Aurangabad airport as Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj airport. However, this has not yet got the go-ahead from the center. The current controversy. Because elections are coming again. Gram panchayat polls on January 15th and also main municipalities elections are also gonna take place. The name change has now become a point of tension between MVA alliance partners ahead of the elections, likely to be held in the first quarter of this year. Aurangabad's population is 11.75 lakhs of which 51% are Hindus and 30.8% are Muslims. Mostly the Muslim population vote for congress. So now everyone wants to cater their vote banks. The BJP is eager to challenge the Hindus and Marathi – pride credentials of the shiv sena by taunting them to make the name change. Shiv sena is still keen on the name change and asserts its commitment to the Hindu and Marathi cause. But their MVA allies are scared of losing Muslim and Dalit votes, owing to the change. Congress has said that instead of emotional issues discussion of people's matters and development should be the main matter of discussion. NCP has accused BJP of trying to create a rift between the alliance partners, for their election gains. While BJP and the republican party draw their votes from Muslims and Dalits. The shared Pawar led by NCP is already looking at a long-term association with shiv sena extending it beyond the scope of the MVA government. Congress leadership has been upset due to the NCP's recent move of poaching congress members. So all these controversies are taking part.


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