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  • stipulation of article 244A.
  • juxtaposition of schedule 6 and article 244A of the constitution.
  • response towards the stipulation.

In a video message shared last week by the congress leader Rahul Gandhi, in that message he said article 244 A which was not implemented yet. He promised to implement article 244A of the constitution under Assam. This article will be implemented in those districts where the tribal majority is present. So that the rights and interests of the tribes can be safely guarded. And he also stated that the BJP is attacking the culture and traditions of the hill tribes by withdrawing article 244A. so the upcoming congress government can ensure that article 244A is not diluted and all its clauses are implemented to protect the interests of the indigenous people. What is article 244A? Article 244A: in this article, it is said that within Assam some certain tribal areas where more population is present there allows for the creation of an autonomous state. Here, an autonomous state does not mean separating from the Assam but inside the Assam only they are given autonomous state privilege. It was inserted into the constitution in 1969 by the then Congress government, it also has a provision for a legislature and a council of ministers. What is the 6th schedule of the constitution? In the north east, the four states which are present are called ATMM in these four states the 10 regions which are present in those areas this 6th schedule is commenced. So here now the question raises is already the 6th schedule which is implemented in the tribal areas then what is the difference between this and the Article 244A of the constitution. So, here 6th schedule relates to the article 244(2) and 275(1). These special provisions are given to the tribal areas. in the 6th schedule, it allows happens the political autonomy and decentralized governance in certain tribal areas of the northeast through autonomous councils administered by the elected representatives. So a total of 10 autonomous councils can be seen. In this, the hill districts, Bodo territorial region, and west Karbi are under this provision. In this also powers are given but as much as given in article 244A and also among these the most important power is the control over power and order to the locals. But in the 6th schedule under autonomous councils, they do not have the jurisdiction of law and order. Here, demand arises is autonomous council to be brought under 244A. now the question again rises is how the demand for the autonomous state that is 244A came from. the demand for a separate hill state arose around certain sections of the tribal population of the undivided Assam in the 1950s. And in 1960, various political parties of the hill areas are merged to form an all-party hill leaders conference, demanding a separate state. After that, a very big and prolonged agitation took place, and finally, Meghalaya gained statehood in 1972. The region of Karbi and North Cachar was given the opinion that if they want they can merge under Meghalaya or stay in Assam. Then at that time, the leaders agreed, and they stayed back as the congress government promised more powers under article 244A for Assam. But at that time, they did not implement it since then there is a demand for its implementation. Because the movement has turned into violence as they did not go into Meghalaya and nor they got this privilege as stated under article 244A. later it soon became an armed separatist insurgency demanding full statehood. While in February 2021, many militants of the five militant groups of the Karbi district ceremonially laid down arms. The entire political disclosure that arose here is due to the demand for the grant of the autonomous state status to the region. Now regarding the implementation, the article 244A BJP says, still now for the past 5 years there weren’t any move made regarding this but suddenly this year in the January the leader for the autonomous area MP was from BJP and BJP leader Horen Singh Bey who represent the autonomous hill district constituency has submitted a memorandum seeking the center to implement article 244A. then again later they went to home minister Amit shah reiterating the demand. he announced a special development package but did not say anything regarding the implementation of Article 244A.


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