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Most Technologically Advanced State in India: Karnataka The NITI Aayog classified Karnataka as the most revolutionary among the major states, while Delhi ranked first among the Union Territories. In both states and UTs, Delhi also stood out as the top scorer. These rankings were part of the India Innovation Index Report 2020 of NITI Aayog, published by Rajiv Kumar, Vice Chairman. The exercise was introduced in 2019 and is in accordance with the Global Innovation Index (GII), which annually rates countries. The index system contains metrics for assessing innovation that is internationally considered, such as the percentage of GDP spent on R&D, while keeping them unique to the Indian economy. India ranked 81 among 141 countries in the GII in 2015. It was ranked 48 out of 131 countries in 2020. Amit Kapoor, Honorary Chairman of the Competitiveness Institute, which conducted the study on behalf of Niti Aayog, said on Wednesday that there were a variety of areas in which India needed to develop in order to meet global innovation competitiveness, including increased expenditure by the private sectors in R&D. he further added that the Indian government is a big R&D spender, while private sector spending is very low. Compare this to Israel, where 70% of private R&D spending is paid for by private firms,' he added. The Indian government had the lion's share of R&D spending at 41% in 2017-18. India also spends just 0.7% of its GDP on research and growth, far smaller than top spenders such as Israel (4.95%). In the results of the study, Kapoor pointed out a North-South division, with the southern states have done much better. They had noticed a link that, as states become more innovative, they have higher per capita GDP. The Innovation Index is classified into three categories: large states, Union Territories and states of the Hill and North East. With a score of 46.6, Delhi scored the highest on the index in the country, while Lakshwadeep had the lowest score at 11.7. The largest number of trademarks and patent applications were filed in Delhi, along with the development of new start-ups and companies in the last financial year. Among the major states, for the second year running, Karnataka led with a score of 42.5. A high number of venture capital transactions reported GIs and ICT exports, and high FDI inflows have been credited to the performance of the state. With a score of 38, Maharashtra leads, while Bihar finishes last at 14.5. Apart from Maharashtra, four southern states, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Kerala, hold the top positions on the map. Himachal Pradesh has the highest ranking of 25 among the North East and hill states. The indicators used in the survey include the level and quality of education, particularly in science, the number of PhD students, engineering and technology enrollment, the number of highly qualified professionals, R&D expenditure, FDI inflows, internet subscribers, knowledge-intensive jobs, the number of patents and trademark applications submitted, the business climate and the protection and legal environment. 


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