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We were all inside our homes for most of 2020, seeking to curb the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. The last year has taken a toll on people's livelihoods. The tourism industry was particularly affected by it. People stopped going to work, going on holiday and just began to go out when it was completely necessary. We have grown accustomed, though, to this modern standard and are getting a hang of stuff. People have started going out for meals and taking vacations again while adopting all the proper precautions for safety. Everything one can think about at the moment is sitting on a beach, enjoying the warm rays, listening to the sound of waves and enjoying tasty food, with the northern part of India facing a dip in the heat. Sounds celestial, no? Just to take you one step closer to your dream beach, we're sharing a list of some of the best beaches in India. Goa It is a favorite celebrity spot. Known for the wonderful food and amazing weather, when you think of beaches in India, Goa is the first location that comes to mind. Filled with spacious beaches, there's plenty here for everybody. From Candolim to Calangute and Anjuna to Vagator, you can find clubs on the beaches if you want to party and if you are looking for some calm and some serenity. It's incredibly quick to hit Goa. It is accessible through all transport modes. Goa has an airport where domestic flights and international flights arrive from all over India. Goa also has two train stations, and also through highways, it is well connected. Kerala Kerala is a paradise for vacations, and some of the beaches here are some of the best in the world. Kovalam beach, where you can enjoy the sunset while getting some great food, is the most popular beach. It is famous for surfing as well. But if you want some peace and calm, the beaches of Kannur and Marari Beach can certainly be visited. Kerala is also, just like Goa, a well-connected town. On both domestic and international airlines, it has four airports. It is also very well connected by trains and the ride is absolutely fascinating. Travelling to Kerala through roads is not a bad idea as they are well connected and this could be one of the most gorgeous drives. Karnataka Karnataka is home to a town called Gokarna that has some of the most gorgeous beaches and they are not as commercialised yet, so when visiting Gokarna you will really enjoy nature. One of the most pristine beaches and also one of the cleanest in Karnataka is Gokarna beach. There is also a Paradise beach that you can visit and Kudle beach. The Om beach is one of the main tourist attractions and it is correctly named so because the beach is in the form of Om. Even though Gokarna is in Karnataka, you would have to fly to Goa in order to reach there by flight. You will have to drive approximately 160km by road from Dabolim Airport to reach this serene location. The railway from Konkan also passes through Gokarna. It is also a great idea to go by road, as the roads are smooth and the views are great. Odisha Odisha, while renowned for its temples, is also home to some of India's quietest and most heavenly beaches. Odisha is the spot for you if you are looking to get away from the hustle-bustle of your busy life. Ramachandi beach is such a beach, but it still caters to junkies with adrenaline. There are a lot of adventures on the water available here. It's incredibly quick to hit Odisha. Taking a flight is the best route. Odisha has 17 airports in total. Biju Patnaik International Airport is the only airport which is situated in Bhubaneshwar. Major cities in India are also linked by trains to Odisha. Some of the trains going to Odisha include the Rajdhani, Cormomondel Express and Konark Express. 


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