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  • Vintage home decors add a antique touch to the abode
  • Pottery, carpets, marble carving, paintings etc
  • places to find them

Exquisite collections and showpieces have been adored and been alluring possessions for home decor. Here's a list of possessions that can be added on as a vintage collection for furbishing our abode: Old and antique pottery: Antique pottery is available in India online and in certain antique shops, but the most important factor before buying these precious price possessions is to look through their databases and understand the porcelain or ceramic marks to identify their authenticity. Ragamala Paintings: These paintings are a meeting point for art, poetry, and music ragamala is broken down into two where raga means melody or music and mala is the garland, hence denoting a garland of music. The most ancient forms of such paintings can be found in the Deccan. Ragas are known to be the foundation or the base of music when they were converted into verses they become a ground for painting and showcasing affection, sentiments, and other emotions. Brass Crafts and sculptures: lamp stands, candle holders, chandeliers, bells made of brass add a touch to the home; brass is a combination of copper and zinc. Brass crafting in India is practiced for about 5 million years and India is one of the largest makers of the kind. Centers, where brass crafts can be found, are in Andhra Pradesh, Kashmir, West Bengal, etc. Brass sculptures on the other hand are based on religious, bird, and animal figures. Block printing and Sanganer prints: In the heart of Rajasthan lies various block printing craftsmen who print and bring garments, bed sheets, table linen, and curtains to life. The craft was quite famous in Europe in 16th and 17th centuries. Apart from this Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh which is inspired by the temples is a beautiful collection for homes. Carpet designs and weaving: Mughal period drew the basis for carpet weaving in India based on Persian styles. There are various Indian carpet designs which include Herati, Mahal, Kashan, Bokhara, tribal, etc.[i] Silk carpets of Kashmir are 100 percent pure silk based and are handmade smooth silk add to the beauty of the home. Marble writings and stone: Marble Inlays traveled to India from Italy through the Mughal Empire and found its place in India; they are flatter in India compared to Italy. Even today craftsmen use more or less the same tools to cut and make a graceful motif on the marble. They add an edge to every corner. Markets where antique products are found! Jew town, Kerala Mumbai- Phillips antiques Delhi antique markets Jodhpur, etc.[ii] 


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