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  • simpler techniques to grasp what one desires
  • learning through patterns, Feynman technique, story learning etc
  • learning and long term retention

Learning is a constant practice and can become more interesting, fun-loving, and engrossing each day with easier, simpler techniques to grasp what one desires. Here's a list of methods that one can use to engage in learning: Learn through patterns: Longer lists, large pieces of information from different walks cannot be easily memorized- but there can always be chunks of information with similar outlines, keywords, and features within the larger gamut which can be put into smaller datasets that memory can easily retain. This process is called chucking[i]. For example: among the set A, B, 1, 3- the numbers and alphabets can be categorized separately. Linking through stories: Stories have a visual impact and can be remembered for a longer period of time compared to other methods. One can create stories for parts that are huge or beyond easy retention. This helps one to travel through time and connect back to the story that they have created. Here the content of learning can be compiled into a story to link all unconnected parts together, as funnier the story as easier it shall be to remember. Feynman Technique: Richard Feynman who is a Physicist has enumerated this technique of learning [ii], the technique focuses on how can complex data is simplified into simpler and easier terms that everyone including a toddler can understand. If one is successful in explaining things in a simple sense and write down their ideas- it signifies a clear understanding of the topic. Mnemonics and Psychology: This technique is in practice for at least 2,500 years, we all have come across this method of learning where the entire information is processed into a few words or letters or even an interesting sentence that can be withheld in memory better than the large counterparts of information. For example: ingredients for a cake-like butter, sugar, baking powder, flour can be made to BSBF. Use concept maps, flashcards, charts & number things: A very simpler way to reduce information is to put them into maps, or draw them together in charts, to diagram them or picture them, one can also number sequential things to organize them properly in a format and add them to memory. Apart from these, the other techniques that can be used to learn are to connect pieces of information to emotional memory, add them to the already existing pyramid of information, one can include games and collaboration as well to learn better, fun learn by adding quizzes, interview yourself or simply repeat things to learn again by teaching yourself. 


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