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  • The styles add value to the cinematography
  • art house, film noir, documentary and others
  • India experienced various movements like the Parallel cinema revolution, talkie films, etc these brought out the new Indian cinematic experiences

The styles add value to the cinematography; they are the modes or methods in which a film is recorded. Let's have a look at a few of those techniques and ways to identify them: Film Noir, it is also called the dark film, is a style that is most prevalent in crime dramas. Some examples of film noir are Gun of fire, Murder my sweet, etc. It uses varied light effects and flashbacks. Art house or an Art Film, is a film that focuses on a small group of an audience rather than large customer stakes or mass appeal. These films describe views of characters; they are experimental independent films with new ideologies taking shape. For instance: Charulatha, Neecha Nagar. A documentary, it is a real film or simply a film that records the ongoing events for the purpose of research & education of the audience. These motion pictures also follow scripts. For example, the Great Hack, Before the flood, and others. Narrative film, a film based upon the traditional system of narration, surrounded by theme, setting, voice, and a structure is a narrative film. Instance Babel, Dunkirk.... The Avant-Garde film, film is an experimental cinema that sets aside the conventional views and creates revolutionary films- these movies experiment in stories through literature, poetry, dance or music, etc. For Example, Lucia, Guru, and others in Indian cinema are Avant-Garde. Abstract Cinema, it a film based upon composition, light, rhythm, etc, and is in a non-narrative format. Anthology films, a film coupled with various narratives put together is an anthology; recent cinema has a lot of these kinds of films such as Paava Kadhaigal, Solo, ghost stories, etc. Animation, they are not strictly defined but the use of cartoons, illustrations, paintings showcases an animation. Apart from this, there are various other types of films such as musical dramas, extreme films, new wave French-style films, etc. Various film genres that we observe include History, biography, feature films, spy, adventure, thrillers, Action, science fiction, comedy, Horror, religious, puppet, romantic, and others. The method through which every type of film is distinguished from one another is through the cinematographic techniques i.e. Camera angle, cuttings, Lighting, focus, edits, shots, angles, etc. India experienced various movements like the Parallel cinema revolution, talkie films, etc these brought out the new Indian cinematic experiences. One can Identity a film style according to Bordwell & Thompson's in these steps i.e. to understand the format of the film, to set out its features, identify patterns, assessment of the patterns and techniques. [i] 



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