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  • Motera or Sardar Patel Stadium is the largest cricket stadium in the world
  • The stadium was reconstructed to make the new world class design
  • It is a new home for the Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA)

A stadium located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat was inaugurated on February 24, 2020, also popularly known as the Motera or Sardar Patel Stadium is the largest cricket stadium in the world surpassing the Melbourne Ground, it was constructed in three years. The large structure has a seating capacity of 1.1 Million and is a place encompassing vast facilities for all. The stadium is also the world's second-largest after the Rungrado May Day Stadium in North Korea. It is constructed on a 63-acre site demolishing its counterpart which was made about in the year 1982. This reconstruction idea started in the year 2016 after the chief minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi Ji initiated the proposal. Inside the stadium: it is a new home for the Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA) and has a gymnasium, 76 corporate boxes, three entry points, a clubhouse with 55 rooms, Press and media boxes, VIP boxes, main and other kitchens, LED lights, it has a 3D projector and also a swimming pool (Olympic sized). Its roof is made up of lightweight material i.e. made using Tensile fabric, the stadium has the facility to combat earthquakes and high winds using its pillars and columns that are constructed in a V shape. The stadium has tiers to host small events and each of them have their own food court and hospitality zone; it is fully equipped to host festivals, events, occasions and also above all cricket matches. Construction: major companies like L&T, Walter P Moore, Span Asia, and Populous, etc costing 7 Billion. The structure was also the venue where the vent Namaste Trump was organized on February 24, 2020. The stadium is to be connected by a skywalk to the metro station in order to reduce traffic and congestion on roads due to huge events of the stadium. Some of the major historic events have occurred in this stadium such as Sachin Tendulkar's first double century; Kapil Dev became the highest wicket-taker of his times, Sunil Gavaskar completing 10,000 runs, and others. The stadium now has been renovated to cherish and remember such other vents that would lay its foundation in history in days to come by. Few other stadiums with substantial and giant edifices are the Ohio stadium, Neyland Stadium, Kyle Stadium, Beaver Stadium, Michigan stadium, etc. These large erections show the incredibility of building and construction. 


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