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  • Youth movements and perception revolving around it
  • Historic youth campaigns
  • Reasons for movements

"Young people are key actors in powerful social movements that transform the course of human history"[i] Youth has remained a part of various protests, movements, and rallies over many years, as some of us observe these as a base for violence or unrest but sometimes the thematic protests having underlying reasons that though rebellious are harbingers of change and evolution. Major reasons for such movements or agitations are policies, unemployment, the education system of the country, injustice, freedom, etc. Some of the protests were against the reservation policy, tribal injustice, and class divide. These tend to bring social change and dynamism. A lot of modernist views and ideologies have found their existence due to these movements. The roots of youth campaigns can be traced back to about 200 years, Before independence, a strike occurred against discrimination in academics in 1920, and the first among such movements after independence was witnessed in 1967 called Naxalbari in a village in West Bengal and one of such recent being against NRC/CAA, there are a vast set of such rises and falls in between. Most of such drives these days are conducted via an online medium such as Me Too. During the emergency of 1975 several students from various academic institutions, colleges, universities protested and some among them were arrested. India has also experienced various protests against reservation like those against reservation of 27% by Mandal commission and for OBCs created at the central and state level. There has been uproar also against unlawful actions like Dalit Scholar Rohith Vermula's death, police attacks on unarmed protesters, etc. Also, we witnessed crusades opposing sexual harassment, rape, and corruption, like the Nirbhaya and Anna Hazare's fight against corruption. Dasgupta Ji highlighted that the gap between the government ideologies and youth has been incredibly increased and they have to face the fury of the same. What are the factors of such movements? • Radical youth ideologies and activism • To remove authoritarian systems • Quest for independence and free will There are two perceptions about the youth movements, one suggests that these campaigns are critical for liberation and showcase generation drift or shit-meaning the distance of thinking has considerably increased, secondly it is lead to set aside the struggles within the generations referring to them as intergenerational tussles which by social movements tend to bring change. As to the developments brought by these movements in various sectors of environment, discrimination, education, castes, etc, if conducted with no harm are those that have the potential to change all the defects that one would like to extract from the society. 


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