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  • Spices can bring colour and taste to food
  • Dagad phool, Nutmeg, Malabar Tamarind etc
  • There are many other spices that are used in different parts of the country and have their own aroma, smell, and taste

Spices can bring colour and taste to food, these create magic in every type of dish. But there are some Indian spices that we have not heard of or don't frequently use, let's explore them in order to make simple Dal, a remarkable delicacy! 1. Nutmeg: It is also called Jaiphal and is used mostly in sweet dishes; these are actually inner sees of mace and add warm flavor they are used alongside saffron and other spices. 2. Dagad Phool: The piece as the name suggests is extracted from a flower and has a woody texture and savour. It doesn't have its own taste but can create flavor; Dagad Phool is mostly used in Maharashtrian cuisine. 3. The four seed combinations from the fruits of pumpkin, cucumber, watermelon, and musk melon. 4. Panch Phutana spices: it is the spice of eastern India, it is a mix of five different spices put together and used as a collection of them. 5. Kerala's Kanthari Mulagu: this spice has certain curing benefits and is a form of chili, which is white coloured. It is spicy and used in pickles, curries in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. 6. White pepper: white pepper is actually the seed from the pepper plant; this is not used in Indian cuisine but found in Chinese, Portuguese and other dishes. There are also green, red, pink, and other types of peppers. 7. Malabar Tamarind: it is a type of tamarind adding sour flavor to curries; this is mostly used in Kerala and is from the fruit of Garcinia Cambogia. 8. Ratanjot: found in Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir, has various distinct names, it is used in dishes to create colour and flavor. Ratanjot is also known as Alkanet root is a herb and also used in alcohol, wine, and lipsticks due to its special color (crimson). 9. There are different kinds of saffron and each is graded on the basis of different aroma and colour like Mongra, lacha, Aquila, and others, sometimes saffron pulp is also used in cooking. Pomegranate seeds are also added to food. 10. Nigella Seeds: It has medicinal value and is also used in bread, biscuits, and other food of a similar kind. This is also known popularly as kalonji. It is used in traditional to modern dishes. Apart from these, there are many other spices that are used in different parts of the country and have their own aroma, smell, and taste. These can be discovered as those ingredients in the food that are hidden but leave a mark on each bite! 


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