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  • Raphael Warnock is the First African-American Senator of Georgia
  • Raphael Warnock preached in the same church like Martin Luther King Jr
  • The political change in Georgia was the first time after 1992 where the Democratic Party was chosen

Raphael Warnock an African-American, who has been a preacher in the Baptist Church for the past fifteen years, is the first senator from the state who represents the class of African Americans. He is a part of the Democratic Party of the US and has won the election against Kelly Loeffler, who is a Trump supporter. He has become the 11th African-American Senator in the Country's history and the 4th from the south of the country. The political change in Georgia was the first time after 1992 where the Democratic Party was chosen, since Bill Clinton's victory. Surprisingly, Raphael Warnock preached in the same church as Martin Luther King Jr. Following his win, Jalen Smith working in the home for elderly members said that "it's good to see black politicians and how they are making a difference and also pointed that he has contributed a lot for the community and cares about the people's wellbeing. [i] Sir Warnock grew up in Savannah among 12 other siblings; he first preached at 11 and also attended the same college as Martin Luther King Jr, his family resided in a housing project. He was the youngest preacher and also served as an intern in the Baptist church of Birmingham. In his speech after the victory to his supporters, Raphael Warnock highlighted how his childhood was around poverty, and tribute to his mother who spent summer picking up cotton. He thanked all his supporters and set his faith in support and hard work. The victory shows a paradigm shift in the scenario of politics in Georgia with increasing college voters and their power in the south. The change is significant in the state as it is after about two decades that such reformation has been experienced. Though Former president Donald Trump alleged certain fraud in elections, the ground reports denied the same and reported no problems. Many discriminatory voting practices prevailed in the southern states of the US which were set aside after passing the Voting Rights Act 1965. With a new change being welcomed in Georgia, Warnock in his speech pointed that he was arrested in Washington in the course of protests but, when he would meet them again they shall help him find his way to his new office. Raphael Warnock's rise is connected with different Civil rights activists from history. This has laid a mark for new beginnings, as the event marks history for the state, hope that the future brings forth many other reformist leaders who have the right to contest elections and think about the community's welfare, and considers all sectors of the people. 


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