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The marketing of influencers has been one of the hottest marketing phenomena in the last few years. In 2018, 81% of marketers confirmed that it was an efficient tactic to use influencers to improve their marketing plans. Given that so many advertisers are either partnering with or are considering influencers, it is worth delving into what some of the risks are in relationships between brand influencers. 1. Engagement with Instagram influencers is approaching an all-time low Social media has rapidly been oversaturated by influencers, as social media helps more individuals to gain fame and influencer status. It is difficult for audiences to keep up with all of the content coming from the influencers they follow (especially supported content). It's also worth remembering that success is temporary, especially the kind generated on social media. Tomorrow, the same influencers who draw audience interest might not hang on to that attention. They are less likely to engage with both influencers and advertisers while social media audiences are bombarded with promoted ads on their feeds, which is mirrored in new findings that show an overall drop in Instagram interaction. Mobile Marketer estimates that in Q1 2019, the participation rate for funded posts dropped from 4% three years ago to 2.4% and from 4% three years ago in Q1 2019, although the average for non-sponsored posts fell from 4.5% for the corresponding periods to 1.9%. 2. Inauthentic relationships and content Everybody assumes that influencers need (or even like) the goods or services they support on social media is not necessarily a given. Since certain brands do not appear to notice that an endorsement comes from a position of genuine sincerity (although it can be difficult to measure), consumers may be able to view influencer endorsements as inauthentic or deceptive, however, both the brand and the influencer are now losing credibility. A Bazaarvoice survey shows that 47% of clients are tired of inauthentic influencer advertising and 62% of clients agree that influencer endorsements take advantage of amazing audiences. 3. Regulations of the FTC In the same sense of credibility, if their funded material is perceived as deceptive, advertisers should now be aware of the penalties they may face. In a release in April 2017, the FTC announced that they sent over 90 letters to influencers, advising recipients that they should report their connections to companies explicitly and conspicuously when advertising or endorsing through the social media platform. This also involves using the right hashtags, such as #spon, #ad, or #partner, and now many social media sites have built-in tools to label content as paying, but the guidelines are not influenced by many influencers. A 2018 influencer survey conducted by eMarketer found that 41% of respondents only label their endorsements when directly asked with the FTC-mandated hashtags, while 7% never label their posts at all. 4. Farming Followers Social media advertisers will need to be careful of influencers who buy followers or have a high number of bots that make up their count of followers. In an influencer survey conducted by Hit Quest, 98% of respondents admitted that the Instagram follower count of a person has risen unnaturally or within a brief period of time by referring to the use of bots to expand rapidly or the purchasing of a mass of false account followers. Once again, advertisers should rely less on the number of followers and focus on the level of interaction. The more supporters an influencer has, the more chances false supporters have. 


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