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  • laws exist around the world to regulate people, but some of them are unique and strange
  • Illegal to feed pigeons in Venice
  • one has to purchase their own burial plot

There are many strange and weird rules and regulations around the world a few of which one can find here: 1. In Georgia, Chickens are not allowed to cross the roads, though it sounds weird at first instance the rule sees that all the Chickens are safe and they are kept in farms, in the country it is also a law that individuals cannot eat chicken using forks. 2. Venice marks among the most beautiful cities and the city also is home to a strange law that pigeons should not be feed by any visitors and if they are caught for the same, it calls for a fine. 3. Can a donkey be allowed to sleep in a bathtub? Maybe yes, In Arizona it is a law that donkeys should not be allowed to sleep in any bathtub after 7 o'clock, this law was enacted after a major incident took place due to the same. 4. Lord Buddha is considered to be the incarnation of God and hence in Sri Lanka it is not legal to take photos with the statue, it is identified as a sign of disrespect as one is turning their back towards the lord. 5. Can any person end up in prison for forgetting someone's birthday, maybe yes in Samoa it is considered illegal to forget the birthday of your wife. 6. Flying kites is a ritual or culture in some parts of the world while in Victoria it is not valid if one causes any trouble to the other and kids are not allowed to play in public places. 7. One can also be punished in England for defacing a Banknote, it can be through letters or figures or any form of writing on the note. 8. In Australia, one cannot appear wearing pants that are pink in color after 12 pm on Sundays. 9. Japan has controlled obesity using a unique law, the country fixed waist sizes and those surpassing the same shall be fined. 10. Appreciation for artwork in Wyoming is provided by a law regulating that each public building should have a piece of artwork, which is about 1 percent of the cost of the building. 11. In Canada, the radio content broadcasted is controlled by a law stating that a minimum of 35 percent of it should be by Canadian artists. 12. Is it easy to predict death? , no but in Sarpourenx, a person can only die after purchasing a plot for his burial. 


This Article Does Not Intend To Hurt The Sentiments Of Any Individual Community, Sect, Or Religion Etcetera. This Article Is Based Purely On The Authors Personal Views And Opinions In The Exercise Of The Fundamental Right Guaranteed Under Article 19(1)(A) And Other Related Laws Being Force In India, For The Time Being. Further, despite all efforts that have been made to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the information published, 5thVoice.News shall not be responsible for any errors caused due to human error or otherwise.

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