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  • The word meme was coined by Richard Dawkins in his book Selfish gene
  • People can create memes and also share memes
  • There are many apps to create memes such as Meme factory, meme droid, meme maker, and others

The word meme was coined by Richard Dawkins in his book Selfish gene, originally the word meant behavior or style that passed from one person to another, today memes refer to texts or image which are generally combined with humor and are found online or circulated among peers or groups of individuals. People can create memes and also share and circulate them, these have become quite popular over time, various instances are combined together to make a comedic inference of real-life situation. Surprisingly, the original root meaning of the word meme indicates a social trend, and memes themselves have become a trend in today's social media domain. Though Richard Dawkins created the term for the first time many other similar kinds of memes also existed in history, one of the first internet memes was the "dancing baby", which became popular in 1996. Another meme called the Hampster dance was among the earliest ones. It garnered a lot of views and popularity in 1998. Memes from then have evolved and have occupied a larger part of the internet, they cover various topics such as culture, movies, politics, real-life relatable comments, Tv shows, sarcastic observations, etc, any meme can become trending overnight and also lose its charisma overnight. The social platforms are filled with various memes and humorous jokes, with time increasing connectivity the memes also have been creating huge impacts. There are many apps to create memes such as Meme factory, meme droid meme maker, and others. The Godrej India in the year 2020 created the meme project to decode this trend and its evolution. The meme theory suggests the impact of memes in life and our politics[i]. Many programs and websites have also been developed around memes to create a hilarious evening for someone and everyone around us. There are also many iconic Indian memes on work from home, teachers and classes during lockdown and 2021, tenet movie, etc some of the memes defined India like link Aadhaar, myself coming from village area, and others. Some of the famous memes that everyone has been looking around are success kid, be like bill, ceiling cat, Domo, tide pods, change my mind, exit 12, the most interesting man in the world, doge, facepalm and many more, one of the very good features of memes is that they are casual yet funny in nature and tend to spread smiles around. 


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