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  • The company was brought into reality by Thomas Parry in 1788
  • EID abbreviated for East India Distilleries
  • Today the company's headquarters is in Dare house, Chennai

The company was brought into reality by Thomas Parry in 1788 one among the first British traders to India, Parry joined with the chase and wound up and later he partnered with William Dare. Thomas parry bought a land in Wynaad for plantations; in the year 1839, the company got the name Parry & co which remained the same for a longer period of time. The firm soon also set up an industry and exported sugar. EID abbreviated for East India Distilleries and sugar factories took over the assets of Parry and co. Parry in the year 1906 entered into the fertilizer business and produced ceramics. Parry as a managing agent of EID was asked to look after one of its factories in Tamil Nadu. In 1928 Parry and co became made a limited company, slowly the company engaged in the production of sanitary ware, finally, EID –Parry was formed in 1975. In the 2000s the company acquired sugar factories and also introduced sugar under its own brand. The company expanded its horizons and set up a power plant in Pudukkottai, Parry's Nutraceuticals amalgamated. The company acquired a stake in Phytoremedies bio, invested in US Company by acquisition, and also in other sugar production factories and groups. The company increased its production capacity. Over the years its all subsidiaries merged into EID-Parry. The company has 12 plants and it crushes tons of cane in a day and produces sugar. In the year 1981 EID-Parry became a part of the Murugappa group. The company is running its operations in India for 225 years with the tagline making lives sweeter..... Today the company's headquarters is in Dare house, Chennai. It has won many awards and accolades over the years such as the award for most innovative environmental projects, excellence at CSR, SISTA Awards, and an award for creating energy efficiency, and many more. The Chairman of the company is Mr V Ravichandran and the board comprises S Suresh, V Manickam, C.K Ranganathan, and other directors. The company has about 8 subsidiaries and actively participates in CSR for the community in rural India and striving hard to bring a change upholding the legacy of Murugappa group; it also brings innovation and development in the field of Nutra and sugar for instance by bringing new varieties for cane or tissue culture etc. It has more than 2500 employees working to spread sweetness to every household in the country. It is one of the largest companies in India showcasing sustainability and corporate long term existence and excellence. 


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