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  • Japanese Company Zoo Jeans manufactures torn Jeans taking the help of animals
  • Tiger, lions and Bears
  • the unique idea led to an increase in the income of the zoo

Can one imagine wild animals to sketch our fashion statement? Yes, Japanese Company Zoo Jeans manufactures torn Jeans taking the help of animals; it brings out a new vibrant technique to manufacture one of today's fashion trends. The wildest of animals such as bears, Tigers, and lions will create the customized design on your pants which ultimately contributed to a good cause. Stay tuned to know more about this unique but socially beneficial Jean designing company! One of the biggest questions running through our mind is that how are these animals convinced to engage and leave their mark on the denim- the Zoo workers tend to give them the toys wrapped up in the cloth and after the marks are laid the cloth is converted to what one wears like jeans, these jeans are auctioned and once money was raised it was used by the members for the benefit of the Zoo and the fund for world wildlife. This attracted different individuals to come by and stake on to purchase them and add the wildest forms of fashion to their wardrobe. The auction raised about 3,000 US Dollars and more. The brand has paired up with the Kamine Zoo Hitachi to create different models of jeans. There are three models of the jeans named L1, B1, and T1 where L1 refers to jeans designed naturally by lions, B1 refers to jeans made by Bears and T1 is the jeans created by the Tigers. The only thing that falls as an idea for creating the jeans is animal instincts. This campaign garnered a famous response in the first few weeks it was featured on major news channels and also became a mart of various posts. One pair of jeans is sold at about 1500 US dollars. One of the customers suggested the jeans to be more sporadic or irregular as sometimes they are not torn perfectly, but they tend to create distinct natural designs, and it's one of the firsts of its kind. The zoo had fewer visitors and members but the unique idea led to an increase in the income of the zoo, in Japan during pandemic many individuals also offered lion ripped jeans against donations. The process didn't cause any form of trouble to the animals and they seemed to enjoy the process a lot. One of the biggest USPs of the product is that it not only benefits the customers or is just used for marketing purposes but also for the innocent animals hence creating a win-win situation. 


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