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  • Teachers form the primary change-makers in students' life
  • build better student-teacher relationship
  • it is necessary to make the future a better place by incorporating new and modern techniques to meet the requirements of society

Teachers form the primary change-makers in students' life; every person has the right to quality teaching. The teachers recruited in schools especially during the Foundational stage are quite important to build adequate understanding between the teacher and the student. Appropriate recruitment of teachers is also necessary for increasing efficiency in teaching, every selection should be having a test followed by an interview and teaching demonstration. This helps in recruiting good teachers at the root stage and in turn, helps which the students to understand the concepts and easily grasp them. Good quality material for teachers increases practicality and knowledge within the Indian Education system. Where the country is all set to reduce discrimination by initiatives like Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao the other major changes could be observed in the system. Hence, we have to develop a new policy with relevant changes including the option to choose subjects at a early age to encourage students to learn what they desire, to build better student-teacher relationship, granting affiliation to initiatives made by individuals at their private level, Developing enhanced teacher-student ratio, creating new methods of teaching (such as smart boards or robot learning), Imparting knowledge in free environment or in connection with nature, Reducing the amount of homework to reduce stress, to avoid rote learning, Impart more practical knowledge then theory at higher level, giving equal importance to all kinds of jobs, creating awareness on importance of education, conducting regular raids in schools, providing food to children from NGOs like Feeding India which reduces costs as well as encourages standard food, Teaching according to mental ability and emotional understanding, Counselling facilities to all schools, Encouraging education for all ages, above all making education should be made compulsory backed by stricter rules and others which are tiny changes that can bring about a huge reform in the system. Over the years a notable change a be seen in Education and teaching methods, it is necessary to make the future a better place by incorporating new and modern techniques to meet the requirements of society. Every contribution made whether, by a scientist, an Astronaut, a Doctor is all built from the seeds of today. Rock needs to be polished to make a diamond and such which could shine through the years to spread light, therefore "Little Knights of thought have a larger impact on tomorrow and the first seed to such thought is sown through Education", hence teachers have the ability to make the first impact in a student's life. 


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