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  • NASA finally unveils the mystery behind dawn storm.
  • genesis of aurora
  • variation between earths aurora formation and Jupiter's.

Firstly, from telescopes, the aurora of Jupiter is taken and then found out that the aurora of earth and Jupiter looks the same. And as they both look alike it was thought that the process how they made would be similar. Because both planets have a magnetic field that captures charged particles. A new study is made in that it was found that the big planet's aurora is generated by the charged particles from its volcanic moon Io, which tracks the life cycle in the spectacular ultraviolet storm. The storms, which consist of brightening and broadening of the dawn flank of an oval of auroral activity that encircles Jupiter's poles, evolve in a pattern surprisingly reminiscent +of familiar surge in the aurora that undulate across earth polar skies called aurora substorm. Aurora – formation. Earth has two core one is the inner core and the other is the outer core. In both these core, there are heavy elements like ferrous(Fe) and nickel (Ni). These both are liquid which moves all over from this outside. So, because of this iron core magnetic field is generated on earth. This is also called a magnetosphere. This magnetosphere is very important for the earth’s protection. Sun dissipates solar wind which travels and reaches earth. If it reaches directly then it is dangerous for the earth. This solar wind consists of charged particles. Which will be life-threatening for the human body. But this magnetosphere protects from the solar wind and does not allow it to enter the earth's surface. But sometimes when this solar wind hits the weak areas like polar points. And when it enters and interacts with the atmospheric gases it emits light. When this particle interacts with oxygen then it emits green or red light and when it interacts with nitrogen it emits purple or blue light. So, they thought the same thing happens in Jupiter. Dorm storm is a quiet and regular aurora arc in Jupiter. But as days increase it becomes a brighter and wider or intense auroral feature. As it rotates from the night side to the dawn side and ultimately to the dayside of the planet over 5-10 hours it emits hundred to thousand of gigawatts of ultraviolet light into space. Generally, a gigawatt is a power produced by a typical modern nuclear reactor. The colossal brightness that is seen of the dawn storm produces 10 times more energy which transfers to the upper atmosphere of Jupiter. When Juno went then as it rotates along the highly elongated orbit brings it right above the orbit as it rotates for every 53 days it gives pictures. As they collected the pictures of different days and different times it was found that till now the UV auroras of Jupiter can only be observed. After Juno went there it was found that these are radically charged particles that are captured by IO. The name for these bright auroras is given as dawn storm and in comparison with the earth, they are very strong. And in a study, it is found that when the volcanic IO . they both look alike but the process is different. the source of mass and energy fundamentally differ between the two magnetospheres. By which they even look different. There is a variation of solar wind on earth. When the solar cycle happens then the strength of the aurora increases. Similarly, in Jupiter, this is seen like where is overspill of plasma originated from Io. That is if the strength of this is more then the strength of the Io increases. Which is later called dawn storm.


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