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  • ISRO espionage case.
  • reason behind the re-investigation of Nambi Narayanan case.
  • CBI to give a panel report to supreme court- regarding investigation.

Basically, on Thursday supreme court asked the CBI director, directly to take the case. Where in a 1994 ISRO espionage case in which the ISRO scientist Nambi Narayan in a wrong was claimed as the Pakistan spy by a Kerala police officer. So, this in a wrong way has destroyed his complete career so the court asks to look upon the case again. A bench headed by Justice A.M Khanwilkar accepted the report of a panel headed by the former top court judge D.K. Jain and asked the CBI to carry out further investigation. The Supreme court said this complete matter is so serious that is the reason CBI inquiry is needed. Apart from that court also said to CBI that within three months of investigation the status report must be given. and whatever the report is the report should not be reviled it should be kept confidential in a sealed cover. Nambi Narayanan. He was a former scientist in ISRO. The Kerala police have said that the secret files of the ISRO were given to Pakistan in a wrong were given by him. He waged a legal battle against Kerala police for accusing him of a Pakistan spy. Regarding the case. Nambi Narayanan for a long time was working as an in-charge of the cryogenics division in ISRO. So, for a long time, ISRO saw the need for liquid-fuel engines for future development of civil space programs and introduce the technology in India as well by the 1970’s so that India can also take the satellite to a long distance. But the results were not as expected. But finally in 1992 ISRO makes a deal with Russia that Russia has agreed to transfer the technology of making cryogenics with India. but the problem that arises here is the US and France puts the pressure saying that this technology should not be given to India because here there are many organizations where India is not a member, and they can make use of it wrongly and because of this the deal was called off. But since the satellite has to be sent so nonetheless a new agreement was made with Russia to fabricate four cryogenic engines without any formal transfer of technology. So, in October 1994 what happened is, in Thiruvananthapuram Kerala police has arrested a Maldivian national Mariam Rasheeda. she was arrested under section 14 of the foreigner’s act 1946 and section 7 of the foreigner’s order, 1948. The reason for arresting was overstaying in India following the flight cancellation of her flight to the Maldives. When the interrogation is done on her then Kerala police brings a new case forward that is when they interrogated Mariam Rashida then found out that she came to India because from ISRO space scientists she takes information and gives it to different countries. So like that Pakistan came through her to get the information. And the following month they arrested Narayanan and another ISRO scientist D. Sasikumaran. The police case was these both have passed secret information to other countries, especially to Pakistan. The arrested scientists were grilled by the intelligence bureau. Within 20 days of the case being registered, it was handed over to CBI. In 1996 the final report was submitted to the magistrate that the allegations were false and unproven. The court admitted the closure report and discharged all those who have been implicated. And because of these false accusations, the complete career and like of a scientist is affected. So Naryanan wanted to fight for justice. So finally in the supreme court in 2018 gave its judgment calling the treatment meted out to the scientist while he was in custody as a psycho- pathologist. Though it has ordered the Kerala government to pay 50 lakh compensation but mere compensation was not enough to make up for the torture the scientist had endured for 24 years, said the court. So now after 30 years, the court has recently held that the people who have wrongly framed on them necessary actions have to be taken. So it told the CBI to do the investigation and give the report in three months.


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