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  • shortage of oxygen masks.
  • once exporter now being a importer.
  • patients sharing beds in hospitals.

As in India as of today, it touches 2.4 lakh active COVID-19 infections, several states have reported shortages of medical oxygens for a growing pool of patients in need of oxygen support. India plans to import 50000 metric tons of medical oxygen to cater to the rising demand. The ministry of health and family welfare has been directed to float a tender for the import. Consumption of medical oxygen in Maharashtra has reached the state's full production capacity of 1,250. In Maharashtra itself, the active cases have hit more than 60,000. It is the highest for any state. It has additionally taken 50 tonnes from Chhattisgarh and Gujrat. But yet it is insufficient oxygen cylinders. Madhya Pradesh is in the same situation as Maharashtra. Here the active cases are reported as 59,190. Here the supplies are running out. If the cases of the nearby states increases, then it will be an extremely problematic condition for MP. As it relies on the neighboring state for the oxygen supply. And Gujarat requirement has crossed 5oo tonnes per day for 49,793b active cases. The centre has appointed empowered group-2 to monitor the supply of essential medical pieces of equipment during the pandemic. It has been focusing primarily on 12 high burden states those are Maharashtra, MP, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Delhi, UP, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, and Haryana. Where oxygen requirement is increasing day by day. Over 17,000 tonnes of oxygen will be directed to 3 batches from states that have surplus oxygen to these high requirement 12 states to meet the project criteria. This is named EG2. The main problem is that there is an acute shortage in rural areas, which are going through a serious rise in covid cases but have no large storage tankers or rooms to fit in. Apart from this problem as there is 10- fold spike in the covid cases this has left the hospitals and doctors in India overwhelmed. The hospitals are overburdened and are working at double the capacity. Where some hospitals the initial capacity of ICU beds were 54 which has now increased by 300 plus ICU beds. As the set record to be covered overall by 2,00,00 cases the situation is getting worse. In some hospitals, the patients are sharing beds. India was once an exporter of vaccines now is importing vaccines from other countries. Recently it has asked Russia to send the vaccine which is regarded to cover over 125 million people. There are others like Johnson and Johnson who are at a further stage seeking them to send vaccines to India.


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