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  • rage situation in Ukraine and Russia.
  • peace agreement between both the countries
  • failure of the acquiescence between countries.

So, after the collapse of the sovereign union Ukraine got independence. In 2014 Crimea a small peninsula which is situated to the south of Ukraine and to the north coast of the black sea which once a part of Ukraine but after the Russian revolution of 1917 Crimea became an autonomous republic with the Russian union. So, the importance of Crimea is that is an important extract for oil and gas for Russia. According to Ukraine energy minister Stepan Kubiv that Ukraine has lost 80% of oil and gas deposits in the black sea and a significant part of the port infrastructure due to the annexation of Crimea. Sevastopol which is a port in Crimea it supports Russia in strategic and economic and makes it Russia single war mortar port and which is opened all 12 months. And this port helps Russia to project itself on the global level. In 2008 during the Georgia wartime in this port, the Russian fleet staged blockades in the black sea in Sevastopol. Throughout Sevastopol only they have served as the main source in suppling the ASSAD regime during Syria's civil war and proved useful with Russia's role in dismantling Syria's chemical weapons. In short Crimea through strategic and economic ways is an important part of Ukraine. That is the only reason Russia has annexed Crimea. Peace agreements In 2014 there were a lot of tensions between Ukraine and Russia. And to make these tensions back to normal many have tried but nothing out special has happened. Donetsk Oblast and Luhansk Oblast which is situated in eastern Ukraine and which shares direct borders with Russia there a conflict between Pro Russian separatists and the Ukrainian army has left more than 13,000 dead and over 1.5 million displaced. To stop this conflict in 2015 for the first time Russia and Donetsk Oblast, Luhansk Oblast under the auspices of the OSCE has agreed to sign an agreement that is known as MINSK II. This agreement was signed right after the extensive talks in Minsk and Belarus. The main purpose of this agreement is to bring peace to the eastern region of Ukraine. But they did not agree with the things mentioned in the agreement. And even after the agreement in the eastern regions of Ukraine the tensions throughout the period have increased. After the fail of the 2015 agreement last year a hope came to stop this conflict. Last year in July 2020 Ukrainian, Russian, and OSCE negotiators reached an agreement on July 2020 for a full ceasefire between government forces and pro- Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. But this negotiation is also said to be failed. The proof of this to say its failure was on 3oth March 2021 Ukraine parliament has released a statement saying that they have agreed that the July 2020 ceasefire has been broken and the escalation in the easter front of Ukraine has increased. This statement told the other countries to increase the political pressure on Russia. According to Ukrainian soldiers, it is said that on that day 4 soldiers were killed in a bombing that has been done in eastern Ukraine. Event the Peskon has agreed in the increase of the escalations of tension between both the countries and wishes that these escalations won't prolong much further. In February Russia has announced that in Crimea this time they will rehearse with their paratroopers. This time their target is water canals which send water to Crimea in response, even the Ukrainian military near Crimea and flatlands has increased the military force. Russia’s military exercise was to be done by 23 march after that US expected that Russian troops will leave the Ukraine borders but even after the 23rd they did not leave the border. And after 26th march, the tension between both the countries has increased drastically. And on 9th April the Russian spoke person has agreed with the full possibility of war in the eastern regions of Ukraine.


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