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  • significant purpose for steel container manufacturing.
  • considerable need of steel containers manufacturing in India.
  • India's aim towards autarkic.

During the lockdown, the use of containers wasn’t much but as soon as lockdown ended the need for the containers has increased drastically. Because of which a shortage of shipping containers is seen. A shipping container is a container with vigor suitable to resist consignment, storage, and processing. They are returnable haulage and storage unit for transferring goods and raw materials between locations or countries. Their innovation made a major impact on the globalization of commerce in the second half of the 20th century, markedly reducing the cost of transporting goods and hence of long-distance trade. And another important thing that is seen is these containers can be sent through trains also. Through which the cost reduces. Here china dominates in container manufacturing so when a shortage of containers is seen then India became quite dependent on China. So here it is also required to produce these containers in India as well. So last year the ministry of ports shipping and waterways shaped a board to examine the viability of manufacturing containers at Bhavnagar in Gujarat and emerging it into an industrial hub for the steel boxes, which has become an international standard for shipping a different diversity of goods across ships, rails, and roads. At the Bhavnagar, the centre has set up pilot projects for its manufacturing. These are set mainly in the coastal areas because there can be easy accessibility of raw materials. The main aim of this initiative is attaining self-reliance in container production eyes Rs.1,000 cr investment from private players and looks to create one lakh jobs. Regarding this, the ports, shipping, and waterways minister Mansukh Mahdaviya told. he also said that every year there is a requirement of at least 3.5 lakh containers and India completely is dependent on China for the containers. There is no production is done in India at all. So further he stated that they want to produce containers in India so they started a small hub of production of steel containers in Bhavnagar on a Pilot basis. And recently they gave a report saying that the pilot project was successful. And stated that they will start a full furnace production of containers. Once the production of the containers starts rolling then this will encourage much more diversification of the space. Significance need of container in India As before stated India requires 3.5 lakh containers but it is completely dependent on China for its requirement of the containers. China holds the market share of the containers about 90% of the market share is held by China itself. So, the price ranges from Rs. 2,39,760- Rs. 4,54,545 depending on the size of the container.


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