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  • ex PM gives suggestions to tackle covid-19.
  • elevate the vaccination effort to battle covid-19 says Dr Manmohan Singh
  • he suggest in his letter to boost the supply of medicines and to let even people below 50 gets the vaccine.

With the Covid-19 surge displaying no indications of abating former prime minister and a senior Congress leader Manmohan Singh wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accentuating that the vaccination run must be raged up across the country to confront the crisis. Firstly, in his letter, he said that like many parents haven’t seen their children, the grandparents haven’t seen their grandchildren and teachers haven’t seen the classroom and board for a long time. Many people have lost their jobs and the lively hood of the people is lost entirely. Seeing all this he said the vaccination program can play a very important role. Further, he said seeing the constructive corporation he has suggested some suggestions and he hoped that these suggestions can be taken in the right way. There are mainly 5 suggestions given by him those are, He said the government should make public what are the firm's orders for doses placed on different vaccine producers and accepted for the delivery over the next six months. If we want to vaccinate an objective number in this period, we should have an adequate amount of orders in advance. Next in his letter, he said that the government should imply how this anticipated supply will be allocated across states based on a translucent formula. The central government could retain about 10% for dissemination based on emergency needs but other than that states should have a clear signal of likely accessibility so that they can plan out their rollout. He further wrote that states should be given some elasticity to define the category of frontline personnel to be vaccinated even if they are below 45. This includes bus drivers, taxi drivers, panchayat workers, municipalities staff, and also lawyers. Next, he said that over some years India has become apparent as the largest vaccine producer in the world. Here he said that the role played by the private sector is very important. So here the government has to give a sufficient amount of funding to the private sector so that they can increase their production. And further added that if we want to increase the production of vaccines then compulsory licensing should be invoked. By invoking this other institutes can also produce it and he gave an example saying that in Israel it has already been invoked. So lastly he said that any vaccine which has been exonerated for use by trustworthy authorities such as the European medical agency or FDA in the US should be allowed to be imported without any spanning trials. As we are facing an exceptional emergency and ‘‘I’’ understand experts' view that this respite is justified in an emergency. The respite could be for a constrained phase during which the spanning trials could be concluded in India he wrote. And lastly, he said the temptation should be resisted saying that they have vaccinated for a lot of people but this should be seen in the form of percentage in that way we can get more people to get this vaccination.


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